MG-20 – Did Joseph Smith See God the Father

Mormonism stands or falls on the story of its founder, Joseph Smith. Did God the Father and Jesus Christ really appear to Joseph Smith telling him that all the churches and creeds of Christianity are wrong?

Many inconsistencies in the story of Joseph Smith’s First Vision led us to question the historical validity of his claims.   If God did appear to Joseph Smith in 1820, why did he wait 12 years before he even wrote it down in his 1832 Diary? Did Joseph Smith learn about the apostasy through reading the Scriptures as he says in his Diary account or did God reveal it to him directly in the vision as he claimed later? And who did Joseph Smith see? Was it the Father and the Son, the Lord Jesus alone, or was it a company of angels?

Joseph Smith couldn’t even keep his own angel story straight. The official account published by the Mormon Church teaches that Joseph Smith was visited by the angel Moroni who buried the Gold Plates of the Book of Mormon. But in Joseph Smith’s handwritten version of that account, he wrote that the angel Nephi visited him.

Yet, the angel Nephi could not have shown Smith the location of the plates because according to the Book of Mormon history, he died several centuries before the plates were even written!

Not only do the historical records of Joseph Smith’s story raise doubt as to the credibility of his claims, but biblical Scripture contradicts his claim to see God when it teaches that no man has ever seen God at anytime (John 1:18).

By attacking Christianity in his First vision when he claims that all the Christian creeds are an abomination to God (Joseph Smith—History 1:19), Mormonism distorts the gospel and cannot be considered Christian.





Is Joseph Smith’s first vision a solid historical fact?

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