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The Baker's Trip to Africa - Photos and Outreaches

AFRICA TRIP DAY 1 - October 1, 2018 - From: Lee Baker

I Just wanted to send you a few pictures from our trip here and Liberia, Africa so far. We are arrived around midnight Sunday evening, on Monday we spoke at Saint Peters school to a group of college young men and women. They were invigorated learning the differences between Mormonism and Christianity! Most of these young students at this Bible seminary will go on to become pastors! Praising God that we can inform them of the deceptions of Mormonism that they can share generations to come!

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A Very Rewarding Reflection of the Past 9 years of Ministry in Africa – A Biblical Partnership with You

A very rewarding reflection of the past 9 years of Ministry in Africa – A Biblical Partnership with You

September of 2018

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

Kathy and I have spent the last few weeks preparing for our historic visit to Liberia, West Africa. In doing so, we have been blessed to review a few of the nearly 1,000 letters, emails, texts and cards that have been sent to us from a devastated collection of Mormons, Ex-Mormons and Christians who have been moved to witness to the African Mormons.

We consider our visit to be historic, primarily because we have been told that never before in the 30-year history of the Mormon Church in Liberia, has a former Mormon Bishop (White or Black), to Preach and Teach in the West African Nation that was sponsored by the United States in 1821. It is even more poignant that we will expose the despicable Racism of Mormonism, directly from the Book of Mormon itself, to seven Christian Churches and hundreds of Black Mormons.

Following are just a few emotional statements from the years past that has strengthened our resolve and demonstrated the mighty work of God in Africa:

“I am a Mormon, I have been a Mormon since age 12. I have listened closely to your teaching for many years. I must now change Churches. I have been saved by God, through your teaching.” Joseph David from Monrovia City.

“I have come to know that your words are from the Bible and not from the Mormons. I was almost a Mormon, but God is found in your broadcast and the Mormons have no answer.” Eric Benda, Bomi, County.

“Dear Sister Baker, your love for the Mormons and distrust of their doctrine in clear to us. I am Mormon and a regular listener.   You have opened my eyes, I must now follow the truth.” Tonia McDaniel, Liberia.

It is so very hard to listen to you both, but to live a lie is worse. How can a Bishop teach such things? Where are you gaining such knowledge? We have not heard of such things.” Dannuel Taylor, Monrovia.

These are but a few of the comments from the over 500 Black Mormons who have come out of the bondage of Mormonism, and into a Biblical and Fulfilling relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our visit, although expensive financially, can never be measured spiritually by those who at times have reported to us that they feel excluded, rejected or as second-class Christians, worthy of distant donations but not personal contact or individual commitment.

We are blessed to be your hands and your hearts in Africa, to demonstrate the strength and unity of the Global Body of Christ.

If you would like to support our upcoming trip, Click HERE to Help Send Lee Baker to Africa

In Him we Serve, You we Represent.

Lee and Kathy Baker

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Help Send Lee Baker to Africa

Worship FM in Liberia, Africa

Lee and Kathy Baker's Trip to Africa October 2018

We presented our information at 7 Churches and had 3 Open-air City meetings. We hosted Live Radio Program broadcasts nearly every day within our week-long visit with many stations throughout the country picking up our broadcasts.  Here is a brief outline of our cost in this trip to Africa:

Air Travel = $6,062.32
Visas & Embassy = $800.00
Vaccines = $1,360.00
Hotel = $1,222.62
Taxis and Bus Passes = $275.00

GRAND TOTAL SPENT: $9,719.94  / TOTAL RAISED $9,719.94 as of December 31, 2018! Praise God!!!

Please note "Lee Baker - Africa" on the comment / memo line of your online donation and/or check mailed to: Witnesses for Jesus, Inc., PO Box 50911, Colorado Springs, CO  80949.

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Answering Questions in Manti

Well, another year at the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti Utah has passed; a place where many Christians from around the country gather to reach out to the LDS pageant attendees and enjoy Christian fellowship in the name of Jesus.

Last year, the LDS Church purchased the street in front of the Mormon temple in order to keep Christians from witnessing to the LDS that were attending the pageant.  At first, we were all concerned how this would affect our witnessing efforts, but as it has turned out, all it did was scatter Christians out around the city of Manti, instead of being gathered into one place. Didn’t God do this once before in the early church?

Doug and I found a great place on main street at a cross walk to catch LDS as they walked to the temple grounds. It even comes with LDS crossing guards to talk with all evening long.  One night my crossing guard was a young man named Tim, who had just returned for his LDS mission. He was very eager to discuss topics in the Book of Mormon. I read Moroni 8:18 to him and asked why the LDS church taught differently about God than the Book of Mormon teaches The passage reads: “For I know that God is not a partial God, neither a changeable being: but he is unchangeable from all eternity to all eternity.” Tim replied that they believe in God the eternal father.  So, I asked him this question, “Since the LDS god was once a sinful man like us before he obtained exaltation and was appointed god over this world, didn’t that mean that God changed?”

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Lee and Kathy Traveling to Liberia

Dear Friends and Ministry Supporters,

Kathy and I would like to report to you how God is moving in a mighty way, within the hearts of the thousands and thousands of Mormons who are genuinely seeking the Truth.

In the past few months, the total number of Mormons pursuing help with the delicate and risky activities required to bring themselves and their families out of Mormonism, has increased five-fold. In West Africa alone, over 500 have left Mormonism to come to Faith Alone, in Christ Alone, through the Bible Alone.

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Misguided by Mormonism - Conversations with Lee and Kathy Baker

MISGUIDED BY MORMONISM: Conversations with Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker Discussing the Differences Between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity Order English Paperback on Amazon / Spanish Edition

Have you ever considered sharing your Biblical Christian faith with a Mormon friend, coworker or neighbor?

Within the past few years, the basic relationship between the Mormon and the Christian, has changed forever. For the first time in the history of the Mormon Church, authentic and realistic Mormon doctrine and history are now available to you through the Mormon Church's official website.

We speak from personal experience, and we desire to help guide you in bringing the Mormon people to an accurate knowledge of Mormon doctrine and their Church's history of deception so that they can come to know Jesus Christ in simplicity and truth as He is taught in the Bible.   Learn how to use the Mormon Church's official website and scriptures to present the differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity to your Mormon (LDS) loved-ones.

VIEW TABLE OF CONTENTS: Note Selections from the chapters are included below:


Witnessing to Mormons Using Their Own Church History
Mormon Church Gospel Topics Essays on Polygamy
Essay on Mormon Violence
Essays on Blacks and Women
Essays on Unique Mormon Beliefs
Essays on the Joseph Smith Story and LDS Scriptures

Did Joseph Smith See God the Father?
Are Feelings the Proper Way to Determine Truth?
Did Joseph Smith Lead the Church Astray?
Did Joseph Smith Change God’s Revelations?
Is Black Skin a Curse from God?
Where Did the Book of Mormon Come From?
Is the Book of Mormon Against Mormonism?
Did Joseph Smith Translate Fraudulent Plates? 

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Training the Trainers and Encouraging Ex-Mormons

Sam Young of the April 2018 "Protect the Children" March

Dear supporters, this past month Kathy and I had the profound blessing to participate in several important Mormon outreach activities in both Utah and Idaho.

We met with Sam Young, founder of “Protect LDS Children” an active member of the Mormon faith and a former Mormon Bishop, who has organized a world-wide protest designed to STOP the Mormon practice of sexually specific questions asked of children during “Worthiness Interviews.”  Mormon children have been victimized by perverted Mormon Leaders, who have taken advantage of innocent children.

Kathy and I joined over 1,000 other marchers in Salt Lake City, to both bring awareness to this issue and to deliver 15 books, which include hundreds of first-hand accounts of abuse and exploitation to the Church office building. These 15 books were intended for the Prophet, His First and Second Counselors and the Twelve Apostles to read to see how these interviews have caused so much guilt & hurt in these youth that some have even committed suicide due to the shame and guilt they have felt due to these interviews.

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A New Mormon Convert Questions Mormonism

Doug and I attended this year’s LDS Spring Conference at Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah. The weather was great with a larger than normal attendance, which I assume was due to the sustaining of the new LDS prophet/president of the church, Russell M. Nelson during the Saturday morning section. Russell M. Nelson replaced Thomas S. Monson who was the former prophet until his death.

The sustaining of Russell M. Nelson proceeded with a rare apposing of the sustaining by an LDS member who also yelled out for the church to stop sexual abuse by the leadership.  Because of the governmental and political influence of the LDS church, to put it mildly, this sparked a hotbed of news for the LDS and all of Utah.

When I first started going to conferences back in 2006, I was the only Christian on the corner of South Temple and Main Street. Then in 2007 Doug started coming with me and this conference we had as many as 10 Christians witnessing on the corner of South Temple. With this many Christian witnesses there was always a conversation or two going on.

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A Very Simple Question About the Nature and Character of God in the Book of Mormon

Should We Trust the Book of Mormon or the Mormon Missionaries?

View Printable PDF

Every line, every word, every reference and every footnote below this paragraph has been taken directly out of the Book of Mormon as posted on the Official Website of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (lds.org).

My question is this: How can the Book of Mormon so clearly describe God the Eternal Father as a single Great Spirit being, that comes to earth to take on “flesh and blood” in the form of a man, yet is also the Father and the Son “they are one God”. In his 1838 First Vision account, one of nine, Joseph Smith (see below) claims that God and Jesus are “two personages.” This proclamation is directly contradicting the teaching of the Book of Mormon. Which is right?

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The Mormon Church is Warning Africans Against Lee Baker

As our supporters know, Lee and Kathy Baker, our Ex-Mormon Bishop and his wife, are still active in one-on-one discipleship with Ex-Mormons through their website with our ministry (LeeBaker.4mormon.org) and our new you-tube videos that we produced from the seminars they taught in 2016 (leebaker.4mormon.org/videos/).  We are also working on getting their radio programs back on the air in Salt Lake City, Utah, and continuing their Worship FM Liberia African broadcast as well as trying to expand into two new areas of Africa in Kenya and Uganda where Mormonism's influence is seen everywhere Christian missionaries go in these countries.  Lee and Kathy Baker estimate that from the time they started their radio program in Liberia, Africa (7 years ago) until now, they have received:

  • 4,000 letters or text messages on file.

  • 500 conversions out of Mormonism into a Biblical relationship with Jesus Christ

  • 7,000 to 10,000 Program listeners to both live and pre-recorded shows


No other Broadcast in West Africa has been dedicated to comparison between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity.  Yet, financial support for this aspect of our ministry is not yet fulfilled.  To date, we need an additional 3-4 thousand dollars by the end of the year, to be able to sign and pay these radio contracts.  Would you be willing to help with a monthly commitment, and/or a year-end gift? You can donate at:


Also, recently one of their listeners from Africa wrote that the Mormon Church is offering to sponsor college education for Africans who join their Church and warning their members not to listen to Lee Baker's radio program because they are losing too many members from his program.

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The Email That Got Lee Baker Thrown in Jail

Jailed for Preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Lee B. Baker, Former Mormon High Priest and Ordained Bishop Available for FREE DOWNLOAD HERE or for purchase of $7.50 at this link or on Amazon.com.

The REAL Story Behind Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker's Felony Charges, Arrest, and Incarceration in September of 2015

Lee B. Baker – Marion Superior Court 21, Criminal Division, State of Indiana

Case No. 49G21-1507-PO-024527

Click HERE to read the Email that Got Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker Thrown in Jail in Indiana

No little speculation surrounds the criminal case in Indiana where former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker was charged with 3 felonies and 18 misdemeanors for engaging in Christian witnessing activities that brought awareness to the public about the unethical and unbiblical history and doctrines of the Mormon Church.

Without a single document of proof that Lee Baker was guilty of the stalking, intimidation and harassment charges brought against him, he was thrown in jail in Indiana and forced to bond out for $3,000. Over a period of months, the Mormon leadership used the legal system to attempt to denigrate his character and financially bankrupt him with over $30,000 spent in legal defense cost. Although all charges except two misdemeanors were dropped by the court due to lack of evidence, to this day, rumors continue to abound over the Internet that Lee B. Baker is some type of criminal.

Yet, little is known about that fact that prior to Lee Baker's participation with the Indiana Temple Outreach, individuals within the Mormon Church were already stealthily contriving a way to arrest him, as was evidenced by leaked information from inside the Utah police department that was privately given to Lee and Kathy Baker months before they appeared at the Christian Temple Outreach in Indiana.

As you read the following documentation, provided by Lee B. Baker, you will see the thread of deceit and legal manipulation utilized by leaders within the Mormon Church to try to silence Lee Baker and his testimony.

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Visiting with Former Mormons throughout the West

Preston, Idaho Visit

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Kathy and I wanted to report to you some incredible movement within the very center of Western communities that boast of nearly 165 years of Mormon heritage, authority and culture.

Preston, Idaho Visit

We recently visited with a powerful collection of former-Mormons in Idaho and Utah that represent the very real and tangible “Fruits” of your support, your prayers and the will of God.

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God Broke Through the Blocked Street

robDoug and I had another great trip this year to Manti Utah for the Mormon Miracle Pageant. With the closing of the street in front of the temple (where the majority of witnessing takes place), we were not sure of this new change in direction but trusted God for the results. As the saying goes, God is good all the time, and showed us that He is in control of all things, even the streets of Manti.

The Blocked Street in Manti Utah 2017

Since we could not hang out at the Pageant gates, we picked a street crossing where the LDS would cross Main Street and enter the temple grounds. The great thing about this spot was that there where people handing out pageant programs and crossing guards to help the people cross the busy main street. These people were there from 6:00 to 9:00 pm, the same time that we were there witnessing so of course we got to witness to many of them. They also got to listen when we were witnessing to pageant attendees.

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Chatting with the Friendly Anti Mormons

robThe weather was perfect for evangelism at this year’s LDS General Fall Conference and when the weather is comfortable it seems to invite more people into conversations. This is exactly the way the conference weekend went.

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Discussing Joseph Smith's Claim to be Better than Jesus with Mormons

robIt was another great year at the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti Utah! The pageant ran 8 nights starting on the 16th of June through the 18th and the 21st through the 25th of June.

This year was the 50th anniversary of the pageant, so Doug, my evangelism partner and best friend, decided to help in the Christian witnessing efforts of the 50th anniversary celebration with a new shirt that read, “The Church of Joseph Smith of Latter-day Saints.”

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Lee and Kathy challenge Mormons on the streets of Utah

Kathy and I spent several days witnessing and teaching at the 50th Anniversary of the Mormon Miracle Pageant in Manti, Utah. Over 250 Christians from around the Country meet in this small Mormon Community to participate in the largest single outreach to the Mormon people each year. Our witnessing to the young adults of the Mormon Church was particularly well received as they honestly want to know the Truth, and yet they instinctively know that they have been deceived to some degree.

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Former Mormon Bishop Exposes the Mormon Temple Claims in Israel

Recently, Kathy and I were able to travel to Israel to continue our Biblical and archaeological studies.

Lee and Kathy in front of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Israel

Through the financial help of a former Mainstream Mormonism Radio supporter, we were able to provide a live Broadcast from Jerusalem that centered on the many differences between the Biblical Temple and the counterfeit Temple of the Mormon Church.

LEE BAKER Discusses His Legal Case, Israel, Temples and Mormonism. A Must See!

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Why It is Important to Know Who God Is

Jeff - The "Friendly Anti Mormon - Let's Chat"

robOn April 2nd and 3rd, Doug and I attended the LDS 186th Annual General Conference at Temple Square in Salt Lake City Utah.  Every year, we stand on the corner of South Temple at the plaza entrance to reach out to the LDS that are heading to the conference center on North Temple.

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A Rigged Court with Strong Mormon Influence - No Good Option for a Fair Trial


Lee's Court Battle all began when he was witnessing to Mormons the Truth about Mormonism at the Mormon Temple Opening in Indiana. Watch and read these News Reports on their Outreach here at these links:

Mormon temple in Carmel opens doors to public

Lee and Kathy at the Indiana Mormon Temple Opening

After the outreach, Lee was taken to court by the Mormon General Authority in charge of the Temple outreach. Due to the seriousness of the felony criminal charges which bear the possibility of prison time for sending a single open-letter email exposing Mormonism to several people in the State of Indiana which a Mormon General Authority who is also high-ranking lawyer in a prestigious law firm in Indiana claimed constituted 3 felony charges of stalking, harassment and intimidation, Lee was arrested and thrown in jail, nearly beat up in this jail by convicted felons, and forced to pay a $3,000 bond to get out and then put on 2 GPS monitoring devices that ran to the tune of $700 a month which he has had to pay for out of pocket, and check in with a parole officer once a week for the past 6 months.

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Critical Court Developments

To our most precious supporters and friends of the Ministry, God is good… so Good. This past month has been extraordinarily busy with several Families, entire Families that are leaving Mormonism and doing so with self-reliance and a new knowledge and relationship of the Biblical Jesus Christ. As we report some critical details of our current Legal Issues, we first wanted to report to you that our core Mission to the Mormon People has actually increased during this time of legal drama and financial insecurity.   Praise God for His perfect will and His unshakable ability to re-purpose the wicked intentions of men into a Glorious Blessing and a Testimony of His Sovereignty.

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Official Press Release - Former Mormon Bishop Jailed for Preaching the Gospel

- Former Mormon Bishop Jailed for Preaching the Gospel 

To Whom it May Concern,

It is practically inconceivable but completely true; that former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker could have been actually charged with multiple felonies, arrested, placed in chains and jailed for the very public act of questioning the personal ethics of a Senior Mormon Leader who is a prominent Indiana Attorney.

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Court-Ordered Pre-Trial Hearing Refused to Discuss Reasons for a Dismissal

Lee Baker at the Indiana Temple Opening

As many of you know who have been following the Criminal charges brought against former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker by a General Authority of the Mormon Church when Lee  was ministering in Indianapolis last Fall, Lee Baker was called into court today, January 26th, 2016 for a court-ordered, Pre-Trial hearing to determine the possibility of dismissing the case due to the Mormon GA not having any evidence for his claims. Unfortunately, no decision was made today.  This just came in from Lee Baker:

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Lee Baker Court Battle Drags On - Jan 2016

Lee and Kathy Baker

Our Dear Family and Friends,

The wheels of Justice grind slow, but I have faith that all will be done for the Glory of God and according to His Plan.

At this time, I am able to provide you with a short update on several pre-Trial developments.

First, I can report with confidence that many, who may have otherwise, not have come to a full knowledge of the deceptions within the Mormon faith, and more importantly the Love of Christ, have. I have communicated with one of the two men who came to Christ in Jail; he is doing well and strong in his faith.

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The Church of JOSEPH SMITH of Latter Day Saints

robDoug and I attended our 18th Semi Annual LDS General Conference at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 3rd and 4th. We always look forward to seeing how God will use us to reach the LDS people and proclaim His truth.

As usual, Doug had his sign that reads "Is the Mormon Jesus the Same Jesus of the Bible?" And I wore my shirt that reads, "Why Don't Mormons Believe the Book of Mormon?". Doug also wore a new shirt he just made that reads, "The Church of JOSEPH SMITH of Latter Day Saints" with 4mormon.org on the back along with "History of the Church, vol. 6, pp. 408-409" which is the address to Joseph Smith's boasting statement he made on May 26, 1844 about a month before his death.

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Lee was released from Jail today!

We want to thank all of you for your love and support and for your prayers!  Lee was released from Jail today!  It was one of the toughest jails in the area but God used him to lead two people to the Lord and another two others to recommit their lives to Christ!  On the phone yesterday, Lee told Kathy "God has a bigger purpose in me being here than just the Mormon situation." His heart stayed close to Jesus and His Faith in God's Sovereignty the WHOLE TIME he was in this tough place.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

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Lee and Kathy's Court Update: 9-25-15

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: To all of you who continue to contact Kathy directly through text, email and phone calls, we appreciate your support but PLEASE can you put all comments, questions and suggestions on their facebook page or our ministry's 4Mormon Faith and Research facebook page instead?   Our ministry is helping Kathy respond to your concerns via Facebook as Kathy is overwhelmed and needs to reserve her phone, email and text communication for their legal matters.   Thank you all for understanding.


Thanks to all of you for your prayers and research on behalf of Lee. I continue to be in awe at how the Christian community nationwide, has pulled together on behalf of Lee and I.

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Former Mormon Bishop in Jail

Dear Prayer Warriors,

We are asking for fervent prayer for Ex-Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker right now as yesterday, Lee was required to appear for a "contempt of court" hearing in Indianapolis due to his communication with Mormon leadership that took place as a result of his involvement with the Indiana Mormon Temple opening. After the hearing, Lee was taken into custody with felony and misdemeanor harassment charges.

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Lee and Kathy at the Indiana Mormon Temple Opening

The primary activity this month has been our joint service with Tri-Grace Ministries who financially sponsored our trip just north of Indianapolis at the new Mormon Temple.

Ex-Bishop Lee and Kathy in front of the Indiana Temple

This Temple “Open House” has provided the fantastic opportunity to not only share the True Gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of Mormons, but we have educated and alerted many more thousands of Christians as to the specific deceptions of the Mormon Church. (See our Mormon Worldview Exposed pamphlet)

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Challenging Mormons with the Real Gospel

robDoug and I attended the 49th annual Mormon Miracle Pageant at Manti Utah during the 18th thru the 27th of June. Over the past few years we have noticed a decline in LDS attendance to the pageant and this year was no exception. Unfortunately, there seemed to be fewer Christian evangelist in attendance this year as well. Although, there were still plenty of Mormons that heard the truth of the Gospel and Jesus in contrast to the deception of Mormon doctrine. Even with the attendance being very low on some nights, we still had a lot of conversations and handed out hundreds of tracts.

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Bishop Lee and Kathy Discussing the Wives of Joseph Smith

Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Salt Lake City Temple

The Manti Outreach to the Mormon People is the largest known Christian gathering to witness to and pray for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the world. This two-week event is held in Manti, Utah and is centered on The Mormon Miracle Pageant sponsored by the Mormon Church each June.

Interview with Lee Baker on the Streets of Utah

As a direct result of your generous support this past year, Kathy and I were able to spend just over two-weeks witnessing to the Mormons and providing Training to over 400 Christians who traveled to Manti from New England, Florida, California and even central England to participate in this outpouring of Love and Compassion to the lost souls of the Mormon Faith.

Training and Radio Broadcasting from Ephraim Church of the Bible

On this trip we were able to teach a class on how to witness to Mormons at Calvary Chapel SLC for a group of youth that came to visit Russ East of KUTR radio. We were able to witness at the Manti Pageant for 8 nights. We taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Wasatch Cowboy Church (Pastor Larry McGruder) a small church that is made up of 70% of Ex-Mormons, and we taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Ephraim Church of the Bible for Tri-Grace Ministries.

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