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bevBev – My Heritage Goes Back to the Prophet Joseph Smith!

– I was born and raised LDS in the state of Idaho. My family heritage goes back to the Prophet Joseph Smith. For 40 years, I struggled to find answers to my spiritual questions… No one could answer my questions in a way that seemed right, and I was told by the Mormon Church that I did not have enough “faith”… My spiritual journey is amazing! No one can take you by the hand and show you the way except Jesus. It’s a Relationship —not a Religion, not a Church— but a Relationship with the Lord that is the way to eternal life with God! Read Bev’s Full Story out of Mormonism. bullets

If Mormonism isn't true, What is the Truth?

bevHi I am Bev.

If you’ve recently left the LDS Church, you may be asking this very question.  My dear beloved one.  You are not alone!   I have been where you are now.  I remember about the time I was in High School, I began to have serious doubts about the Mormon church.  Some of my questions were:

Where are the places in the Book of Mormon and why can’t I go and visit them?

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Do Not Be Deceived

bevHi I'm Bev.

“Do not be deceived.”  Does that sound familiar?  It probably does; but, let us remind ourselves.

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God’s Word is Passionate Promises – Trustworthy and True


Hi I'm Bev.


Rejoice everyday in the precious promises and Sanctuary of God’s Word.  Every believer can receive His Word as personally their own. Our God is trustworthy, true, and His passion for His people radiates through His Word.  Never doubt theses promises.

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