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Talking with the Spitting Mad Mormon

On the weekend of April 6-7th, Doug and I attended the LDS Semi Annual Spring Conference at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Let me correct myself, according to the new prophet Nelson, I need to address the Mormon Church as the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” and avoid using the term Mormon.  This new prophet Russell M. Nelson stated that calling Church members “Mormons” or “LDS” gives Satan victory so these slang terms or acronyms  are not to be used anymore. So from here on out, we are suppose to refer them as “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.”

Another change that Nelson just made before conference, is that, church members who are gay or transgender will no longer be considered apostates and their children can now obtain baptism into the Church as well.  As a result of these changes, I had one young man approach me asking what I thought about these changes in the “LDS” church.  By the dress apparel of this young man, I assumed he was referring to the acceptance of gays and transgenders, so I answered by asking if he was referring to their new stance on gays and transgenders and he responded with a “yes.” I told him that I don’t agree with anything the “LDS” church says or believes. I continued to explain that their new change in policies contradicted God and His word in the Bible, that these sinful practices are an abomination to God and carry horrible consequence for those who practice such sins. He said that he wasn’t Mormon anymore, but was just curious what I thought about it. He then said he had to go and thanked me for talking to him.

Next, Doug and I were approached by a guy we will call “the spitting mad Mormon.” He approached us so mad that when he spoke, spit would fly from his mouth. He did not like our signs, “Is the Mormon Jesus the Same Jesus of the Bible” and “Why Don’t Mormons Believe the Book of Mormon?,” and was very arrogant and prideful as he spoke. As Doug explained that the Mormon Jesus was not the same Jesus of the Bible, Mr. Spit said that the Bible was corrupted by man and it couldn’t be trusted.  Doug kept explaining that the LDS church was the one that corrupted the understanding of who Jesus was by saying  Jesus was a created being and the brother of Lucifer, but this guy kept arguing that the Church was right and we were wrong.

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Is Christianity the Mormonism of Judaism?

Tribes of Israel Stained Glass by Daniel Ventura

The Jews have a saying that “Christianity is like the Mormonism of Judaism.”  This claim is based upon the following premises:

POINT 1.  G-d is NOT a man (Hosea 11:9) and just as Mormonism reduces God to man so that men can become gods, so Rabbi Tovia Singer and other Jews today claim that the Christian Deification of Jesus Christ is a blasphemous distortion of the true nature of G-d.  If we get the character of God wrong, we get everything else wrong. So, any discussion on beliefs MUST begin with the character and nature of God.  Hence, before we can discuss whether Jesus is the Messiah, we must FIRST start with this number one foundation of Judaism vs Christianity and ask the question: Did God Become a man?

COUNTER POINT 1:  While God is by nature not a “man,” we see that He appeared as a man in the person of the Angel of the LORD several times in Scripture.  In Exodus 3:14 we see this “Angel” (In Hebrew it means messenger, not necessarily a created angel) appears to Moses as a flame in a burning bush and also as a “man” several other times throughout the Old Testament. For example at Genesis 22:11-14 we see “the angel of the LORD” appearing to Abraham to “provide” a substitute ram for sacrifice in place of Abraham’s son Isaac whom “God” had commanded Abraham to offer in the land of Moriah (Genesis 22:1-2).  This “angel” says, at verse 12, “for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from Me.”  More Scripture from the Old Testament where God appears as the “angel of the LORD” and “man” are as follows:

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SALVATION - What is required to have eternal life?


SALVATION - What is required to have eternal life?

Why live any longer in the uncertainty of whether you will be acceptable to God when you die? The Gospel (Good News) message of Jesus Christ is simple because God LOVES you and He has provided to way for you to spend eternity with Him! But before you can be clean to enter into God's holy presence, you must have your sins (impure attitudes, actions and thoughts) dealt with. If you want to be "saved" from the penalty of your sins (unrighteous deeds) so that you can live forever with God, follow these five steps to REPENT of your sins and receive the FORGIVENESS that Christ offers when you make Him the Lord of your life.  Remember that your prayer of repentance is only the beginning of a NEW LIFE where you die to your sinful desires and rise in the life-transforming power of His Holy Spirit.

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Hi I’m Rob.  I was raised Mormon and in this picture I’m standing with my buddy Doug who was raised Jehovah’s Witnesses. Both of us grew up in religions that teach a different Jesus from the One the Bible proclaims. When we learned the truth about WHO Jesus Christ is and WHAT He is done to save us, we left religion to embrace a personal relationship with Christ, trusting in His works alone for salvation.  The biblical gospel of Christ is simple. All you need to do is place your faith in Jesus Christ as God and Lord of your life, accept His atoning death for sin and open  your heart to receive the gift of His Holy Spirit who bring regeneration in your life and makes you born again.



Anne MarieHi I’m Trish. I was a Jehovah’s Witness for 42 years. I was lost and I was hungry and I didn’t know what for… until I found out who Christ really is. In all those years going door to door with my Bible, no one ever shared Christ with me. I don’t think they knew how. I don’t think they knew they could or that they needed to. I’m just so grateful someone finally did. bullets





MG-19 – No Need for a Restored Bible

Did you know that Mormons believe that the Bible that Christians read today is not accurate?  The Mormon Church's 8th Article of Faith states, “We believe the Bible to be the word of God as far as it is translated correctly.”  So convinced was Joseph Smith that the Bible had been incorrectly “translated,” that he created his own translation of the Bible called the “Inspired Version” or “Joseph Smith Translation” where he added and revised whole sections of the Bible without any support from the ancient manuscripts.

One change Joseph Smith made to his version of the Bible is at Genesis chapter 17 where God makes a covenant with Abraham, requiring circumcision at “eight days” old. Although this covenant was performed for centuries by all Biblical prophets up through the time of Christ, Joseph Smith changed it from “eight days” to “eight years” and this change forms the basis of the Mormon practice of baptism at “eight years,” even though the context of the passage speaks of circumcision, and not baptism.

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Dealing with Forgiveness - Hurting to Healing with Melissa

Dealing with Forgiveness - Hurting to Healing with Melissa

Did you know that if you harbor unforgiveness in your heart, your physical body can be affected? Listen as Melissa shares her own experiences with unforgiveness and how her body was healed when she turned the situation over to Christ in forgiveness toward the people who hurt her and her family. Learn how a lack of forgiveness torments you and brings about a lack of peace, manifesting in problems with various relationships and physical difficulties. Learn how releasing this burden to Jesus can heal you physically and emotionally.  Listen, pray and walk way free!

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A First Time Visit to the Memorial

It continues to amaze me that Jehovah's Witnesses make such a special effort to invite their neighbors to their annual observance of Christ's death called the Memorial. What impression does this make on a new visitor at the Kingdom Hall? Here is one man's comments from the evening of his first Memorial. He posted this in a Facebook discussion group for former Jehovah's Witnesses and the responses that follow give greater insight to this annual event which many of us now refer to as a "Black Mass." One contributor to the discussion also shared her recording of the Memorial event which she attended this year.

I went to my first WTBTS "Memorial" Service on Friday.

Apparently, this is their most important service of the year.
I found it to be quite depressing.

It was only an hour long lecture about denying the full deity of Christ,
why they only observe Jesus's death and not his Resurrection (Both are very important),
why he was "for certain" crucified on a wooden pole and not a cross......

and the main event,
reflect on who the 144,000 are who should partake of their annual communion,
and why you shouldn't.
They spend most of the time convincing you that you aren't,
but you can still live eternally on Earth
(sounds like the equivalent of "Purgatory." Bliss, but not the full glory of The Lord.)

So, you see the unleavened bread and wine passed down the isles,
and no one takes it....NOT ONE!
So, a reflection of Christ's atonement while rejecting it?
And this is the highlight of their year? How sad!

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