Christy’s Witnessing Tips on Jehovah’s Witnesses

Here is some of Christy’s research on Jehovah’s Witnesses and the experiences she has had talking to them.

Sharing with Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses How I Find Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures
Pastor Al Stewart
Pastor Al Stewart

In April, I had the joy of speaking on the subject of “Finding Christ in the Hebrew Scriptures” at the Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention in Port Orange, Florida coordinated by Pastor Al Stewart.  This conference is designed to help Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who recently left the Watchtower as well as various veteran missionaries and pastors in this field who are reaching out to Jehovah's Witnesses directly.

Pastor Al kept the conference moving along on time and was very attentive to everyone’s needs. What a pastor’s heart he has! I especially appreciated the love he showed for those coming out of Jehovah’s Witnesses, struggling to be free of the lies and confusion they experienced in the organization.

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