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2019 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets Jan – ENews – 2018 Year in Review – God’s Faithful Provision
bullets Feb – ENews – Discovering the Truth for the First Time
bullets March – ENews – Kenya Pastor Receives Water Filters

2018 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2018 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2018 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec – ENews – Christmas – A Special Time to Focus on Christ
bullets Nov – ENews – Our African Outreach Continues in Liberia
bullets Oct – ENews – Africa Trip – Lee and Kathy Ministering in Liberia
bullets Sept – ENews – Jehovah’s Witnesses at Your Door – Are You Prepared?
bullets Aug – ENews – Our First REAL Death Threat – Please Pray!
bullets July – ENews – Misguided by Mormonism – New Book to Help You Reach Your LDS Friends
bullets June – ENews – Visiting Noah’s Ark and Lee Baker’s New Temple Book
bullets May – ENews – JWs and the “Two Witness Rule” and LDS Essays Prove Deception
bullets April – ENews – Reaching Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses One-on-One
bullets March – ENews – JW Shunning Ends in Suicide/Murder & Expanding our Radio Ministry
bullets Feb – ENews – New 1-Minute Videos Teaching You How to Witness to Mormons
bullets Jan – ENews – A Letter from Kenya – Short Wave Reaching into the Heart of Africa

2017 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2017 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2017 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec – ENews – Expanding into Uganda and Back on the Air in Utah
bullets Nov – ENews – The November 5th Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Protest and Changes in Our Ministry
bullets Oct – ENews – How Cults Use Mind Control and Reaching 3 New Mormon Temple Areas
bullets Sept – ENews – Can You Help Us Reach Kenya and Uganda?
bullets Aug – ENews – Face to Face with ExJWs and Reaching Mormons on the Streets
bullets July – ENews – New Lee Baker Seminar – Witnessing to Mormons From Their Own Scriptures
bullets June – ENews – Utah Trip and Meetup Support Ending After 10 Years
bullets May – ENews – Equipping a Pastor to Reach Mormons in his Community
bullets April – ENews – Mormon Video Impact and Jehovah’s Witness Stalking
bullets March – ENews – New 1-Minute Video Series – Questions for Mormons
bullets Feb – ENews – Reaching Deeper into Africa
bullets Jan – ENews – 2016 Year in Review

2016 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2016 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2016 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec – ENews – B.E.L.I.E.V.E – Breaking Lies for Freedom in Christ
bullets Nov – ENews – Leaving Mormonism to Follow Christ Alone
bullets Oct – ENews – Praying Dangerous Prayers
bullets Sept – ENews – Can You Help Us Impact 20,000 Homes with the Gospel?
bullets Aug – ENews – Witnessing to Mormons in Utah and Lee Baker’s Ministry Changes
bullets July – ENews – Our Summer Fun, Food and Fellowship Picnic
bullets June – ENews – Our Summer Outreach Events
bullets May – ENews – Reaching Mormons on the Streets in Utah and Helping Lee Baker Stay on the Air
bullets April – ENews – A JW Elder finds Freedom and A Call from “Dirt” from Lee’s Jail Experience
bullets March – ENews – Helping JWs Cope with Shunning, Court Update on Our Ex-Mormon Bishop
bullets Feb- ENews – Helping Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses on their way out
bullets Jan- ENews – Highlights of 2015 – Our Outreach Expanding

2015 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2015 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2015 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec – ENews – I Knew the Police Officer Who Died Last Week
bullets Nov – ENews – Quick Questions and Answers to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses
bullets Oct – ENews – A Special Ministry – Hurting to Healing and Darkness to Light
bullets Sept – ENews – New Website Resources and the Mormon Temple Outreach
bullets Aug – ENews – Witnessing Adventures in Utah and Indiana
bullets July – ENews – A Powerful Mission Trip to Mormons in Utah
bullets June – ENews – Inspiring the Broken Hearted, Utah Missions Report, Reaching the Lost
bullets May – ENews – Website Attacks and Redesigned
bullets April – ENews – A Surprise Encounter with Jehovah’s Witnesses and Our Mobile-Friendly Websites
bullets March – ENews – A Ex-Mormon is Seeking Help and a Jehovah’s Witness starting to see the Truth!
Feb – ENews – Divine Appointments & Key Features of Our New App
bullets Jan – ENews – An Ex-JW Sees Jesus and Utah Radio Ministry Started!

2014 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2014 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2014 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec – ENews – Incredible Blessings – We are so Thankful!
bullets Nov –  ENews – So Much is Happening My Head is Spinning!
bullets Oct – ENews – We’re coming to Utah! Will you Partner with Us?
Sept – ENews – A Special Radio Opportunity in Utah! 
Aug – Enews – Using the Book of Mormon to Prove the Trinity

July – Enews – Former Mormon Bishop Draws a Crowd in Utah

June – ENews – Lee’s Israel Trip and Writing the 2nd Edition of my Trinity Book
bullets May – ENews – Stirring Mormons Up with the Truth and the EMNR Conference Report
bullets April – E-News – The Jehovah’s Witness Legacy of Shunning: How Cultic Mind Control Destroys Relationships
March – E-News – The Mormon Church Loses Another Bishop and A 5th Generation JW Saved!
Feb E-News – My New Video on the Trinity and Reaching Mormons in Africa
Jan E-News – Our Half Price Product Clearance Sale!

2013 Printed NEWSLETTER Praise Reports and E-NEWS Email Updates:

bullets 2013 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2013 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets Dec E-News – Videos Teach how to talk to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witness Prisoners are Reached for Christ!
Nov E-News – A Question for Mormon Missionaries
Oct E-News – Christian Conversations with Jehovah’s Witnesses

Sept E-News – Prayer for JW and Mormon Friends and Family Members
Aug E-News – A High Ranking Mormon Official Questions His Faith and our New Sites are Up

July E-News – Christians Witnessing to JWs at the JW Convention and the “Beware of Apostates” Talk
bullets June E-News – “…those you expect are farthest from God are actually very near to coming to Him.”
May E-News – An Ex-LDS Testimony – “All I want is to love my Savior, but I feel something missing”
April E-News – Truth Invasion Into the Kingdom Hall
bullets March E-News – Many Testimonies to the Power of the Word of God
February E-News – A Returned Mormon Missionary Challenged and JWs Saved!
January E-News – 2012 Year in Review


bullets 2012 Summer-Fall Newsletter Praise Report
bullets 2012 Winter-Spring Newsletter Praise Report

bullets December E-News – Our Lost Mail, Gbee’s African Ex-Mormon Ministry and God’s Amazing Provision
bullets November E-News – Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and Two Answered Prayers
bullets October E-News – Pray! Our Translator under Satan’s Attack, Praise Reaching Mormons in Africa and Jehovah’s Witnesses freed!
bullets Se
ptember E-News – Our Website Was Hacked – Now What to Do
bullets August E-News – New Butterfield Baby and Manti Mission’s Report
bullets July E-News – Should a Christian Vote for a Mormon?
bullets June E-News – A Man on His Way out of JWs and a Baby on the Way
bullets May E-News – A New Darlington Baby and Divine Appointments in Utah
bullets Pictures of Elizabeth Marie – Born April 25th, 2012
bullets April E-News – A Special Project to Expose Mormonism in Liberia Africa
bullets March E-News – Watchtower Chronology Exposed and 2 JWs Saved!
bullets February E-News Praise Report – Illegal Activity in the Jehovah’s Witnesses and a JW Set Free!
bullets January E-News Praise Report – God’s Amazing Provision and What Happened in 2011


bullets 2011 Summer-Fall Newsletter Report

bullets 2011 Winter-Spring Newsletter Report

bullets December E-News – A Tough Economic Time – Can you help?
bullets November E-News – 3 Wonderful Trips – PA WNFJ Convention, Utah Mission’s Trip and Brazil!
bullets October E-News – A Mormon Comes to Christ and Many Training Events
bullets September E-News – GOD – The One and Only Colorado Springs Evangelism Class and An Ex-Jehovah’s Witness finds Jesus!
bullets August E-News – Great Witnessing Encounters and Manti UT Missions Trip
bullets July E-News Praise Report – An ExJW’s Life Saved!
bullets June E-News Praise Report – Expanding into a New Language
bullets May E-News Praise Report – Many Answers to Prayer – God is at Work!
bullets April E-News Praise Report – Jesus Will Free Them
bullets March E-News Praise Report – Sample Questions to Ask a Jehovah’s Witness
bullets February E-News Praise Report – Joe’s Story – Rescuing His Daughter from JWs
bullets January E-News Praise Report – Adventures in 2010 – Year in Review

2010 NEWSLETTERS and E-News:

bullets 2010 Annual Newsletter Report

bullets September 2010 E-News Praise Report – A New Couple joined our Team
bullets October 2010 E-News Praise Report – An Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Freed in Christ
bullets November 2010 E-News Praise Report – Mission’s Trip to Utah and The Witnesses Now for Jesus Convention
December 2010 E-News Praise Report – Another Ex-Jehovah’s Witness in the Kingdom!


bullets Summer-Fall 2009: Utah Mission’s Trip – A Special Opportunity to help Pastor Juan in Argentina
bullets Winter-Spring 2009: Website Leading People to Christ / New Witnessing Tools & WNFJ Videos


bullets Summer-Fall 2008: Witnessing to Mormons – Utah Summer Mission Trip (PDF Only)
bullets Winter-Spring 2008: New Support Groups for Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses and Ex-Mormons (PDF Only)


bullets Summer-Fall 2007: Our Spanish Translators and Utah Outreaches (PDF Only)
bullets Winter-Spring 2007: DVD Impacts Mormonism and Baby Alicia


bullets Fall 2006: New LDS Questions DVD and Pregnancy Report
bullets Summer 2006: The Wedding and Mission’s Trip to Utah
bullets Spring 2006: Bruce and Christy are Engaged to be Married


bullets Winter 2005: Focus on the Family’s Dig Deeper Apologetics Conference
bullets Fall 2005: Training Tim and Joe
bullets Summer 2005: Manti Outreach
bullets Spring 2005: Mary’s Salvation


bullets Winter 2004: Tressa’s Family and 2004 Highlights
bullets Fall 2004: Salvation of LDS Mitch and Susan
bullets Summer 2004: Salvation of JW Dave
bulletsSpring 2004: Announcing The Non-Profit Status of Witnesses For Jesus, Inc!


bullets Summer 2003: Missions Trip to Manti, UT

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