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My journey leaving Mormonism began when I started comparing my beliefs with the teachings of Christ in the Bible.  I started reading the Bible for what it says, not just what I was taught to believe it meant. My commitment to truth and personal integrity, led me to discover discrepancies between Mormon teachings and the Bible, particularly regarding eternal marriage and becoming a “god” in the afterlife.  Then I ran across the facts that showed how Joseph Smith didn’t really translate the Book of Abraham and this along with everything I was reading in the Bible led me to question the authenticity and validity of the LDS Church’s claims.

Ultimately, I faced a significant decision: To prioritize my allegiance to Christ and reform my beliefs according to His teachings in the Bible, or continue adhering to the Mormon faith of my youth where I had been comfortable. It was a tough decision, but when I went to the Ward and they sang “Praise to the Man” song to Joseph Smith, I knew I had to leave. I couldn’t continue worshiping this false gospel.  Right then and there I made the decision to leave for good and follow Christ.

From the moment I got baptized at Calvary Chapel, the Holy Spirit came over me and I was changed. I want Mormons everywhere to know the real Jesus.  I want atheists to know about Jesus as well. God has been trying to move in your life for so long, but this is the day for you to make that decision for Him.  It’s not just a prayer to pray one time but it’s a life changed by His power.

When you give your life to Jesus, you will begin to see real changes in your life. God wants to take you places to do things you have never done before. You have spiritual giftings that God wants to unfold in your life and you won’t know this until you come to Jesus.  Learn More and Watch Paul’s Powerful Video Testimony out of Mormonism Here.bullets


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