Are New Testament Textual Variants Like Mormonism?

Are New Testament Textual Variants Like Mormonism? 

What are textual variants? They are the differences found in the various copies of the ancient handwritten manuscripts of the New Testament. While most differences are inconsequential in that they are easily recognizable scribal errors, a small handful of these textual differences impact the reading of the text in one way or the other. While Jewish critics of the Christian Bible, the New Testament, often point to these variants as evidence that the New Testament has been corrupted over time. Even the most significant differences found in textual variants do not impact the doctrinal meaning of the passages of the New Testament. In this video we will compare the statements of credible scholars to demonstrate that the whole Bible, both Old and New Testaments has been preserved.

Chart Comparing Differences between Mormon Scripture Transmission and New Testament Transmission Process:

Evidence the Bible Has Been Preserved

Should we trust the Bible?

Examples of Mormon Textual Changes with Changed Message in the Text

Significant Changes in LDS Doctrine and Covenants


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