Are Jehovah’s Witnesses REALLY “His” Witnesses?

anne marieAre Jehovah’s Witnesses REALLY “His” Witnesses??
Are They Even “True Christians”??

“Jehovah’s” witnesses are NOT His “witnesses” in any way, shape or form, (or by any stretch of the imagination), because they follow a man-made organization instead of truly following and being a “witness” for Jehovah God, who requires us to “Listen to His Son.” And what does His Son say? His Son, Jesus Christ, tells us to COME TO HIM and to FOLLOW HIM. -Matthew 11:29-30; Luke 9:35; Luke 9:23 NWT

If “Jehovah’s” witnesses truly WERE “Jehovah God’s” witnesses, they would be speaking HIS words instead of being followers and witnesses of their organization and “speaking” THEIR words.
Yes, if “Jehovah’s” witnesses were truly HIS “witnesses,” they would be believing what HIS WORD says, over and ABOVE what any “organization” says.

God’s Word would be their FINAL SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY, not the “authority” of a man-made, man-run, legalistic ORGANIZATION…

If followers of the Watchtower Organization truly “represented” Jehovah as “His witnesses,” they would look FIRST to His Word, and they would surely follow the example of the Beroeans…

…For they accepted the word with the greatest eagerness of mind, CAREFULLY EXAMINING the Scriptures DAILY to see WHETHER THESE THINGS WERE SO.” – Acts 17:11 NWT

If loyal followers of the Watchtower truly PUT GOD’S WORD FIRST, they would follow the Bible’s admonition to…

“Make sure of all things…” -1 Thessalonians 5:21 NWT

Followers of the Watchtower are not only NOT “witnesses for Jehovah,” (since they put their organization over and above Jehovah God), but they are NOT “Christians” because THEY DO NOT FOLLOW CHRIST.

Once again, since loyal Watchtower members FOLLOW and OBEY The Watchtower Organization as their first and foremost authority instead of following and obeying Jesus Christ, THEY ARE NOT “CHRISTIANS,” but, truly, “WATCHTOWERITES.”

If, by any chance, a Watchtowerite became “Awake!’ and began to follow Jesus, they would be DISFELLOWSHIPPED, because LOYALTY to the Watchtower Organization is the FIRST and FOREMOST requirement that ALL must obey…

THAT is why all loyal and obedient “Jehovah’s” witnesses are “Watchtowerites.” It is because they join, submit to, believe in, obey, serve, follow, promote, recruit for, and, above all, remain unquestioningly LOYAL TO the organization… Yes, LOYAL to their ORGANIZATION over and above even Jehovah God, the God they claim to represent and speak for…
Yes, truly, “Watchtowerites” (aka, “Jehovah’s” witnesses), are NOT “Christians,” much less, “TRUE Christians,” because they do not serve God by obeying His command to “Listen To Him,” and because they refuse to follow Jesus, but choose, instead, to follow their Watchtower Organization.


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