A Christian wife shows Jehovah’s Witness husband subliminal images in the Watchtower

dan_kaciBlessings everyone,

I am continuing to minister to the couple we had a chance to meet in California. The lady has faced numerous challenges since coming out of the Jehovah’s Witness organization and your prayers can be extremely helpful. Please keep this couple in your prayers, and if God puts them on your heart please lift them up.

I had a very encouraging conversation with a woman who called us this month. She has been married to a Jehovah’s Witness for some time. He is currently disfellowshipped and does not go to the meetings but as you know he still considers it the “truth.” Recently the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been coming by her home and gave her a 2011 Memorial invitation tract.

The lady had it and I was able to point out some very disturbing images that were on the tract. She saw them and immediately showed them to her husband. He saw the subliminal images and initially was in disbelief. However, as time passed, he is now opening up to look at more information about the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Following this call, the lady requested free information regarding the Scriptural differences between Christians and Jehovah’s Witnesses. She called shortly after she received the information and said, I think my husband’s walls are coming down. She said his eyes seem to be opening. We prayed and I believe that God is going to set this captive free. Jesus is doing some wonderful things in and through this ministry. Please keep this lady and her husband in your prayers as well.

Sincerely, Dan and Kaci

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Author: Webmaster