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jwstudyI Feel So Much Better Equipped!

I just wanted to say thanks for the tremendous amount of effort it must have taken to put together this website. I am a Christian who has been visited by Jehovah’s Witnesses for about 7-8 years… I was online …when I came across your site. Having found what I was looking for, I continued on with browsing your site. There is so much useful information here! Recently, one of the young Witnesses that had previously come to my door …came back to my door alone. … After reading many pages on your site, I feel so much better equipped to speak with her. …I hope to show her the joy that is in the freedom we have in Christ.”


loveI LOVE this site!

“I just wanted to write and tell you that your website is absolutely FANTASTIC and invaluable. Thank you so much for providing fantastic resources that true Christians can use to reach out in love to those caught in the lie of Mormonism and the Watchtower Society. I love this website.”

Your site is the best!

“Just want you to know that I love your website.  What a wealth of information …I have been looking for a website to aid in my witnessing to my Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness friends.  This is the best one I have seen by far. Please keep up the good work!!!!


sharing5I appreciate the loving tone of your website…

“I need to say thank you so much to the people involved in this website! I am a Christian and have been in contact with a Jehovah’s Witness for several months, and at the beginning I was very unfamiliar with Jehovah’s Witness teachings. Your website has helped me tremendously. I feel much better acquainted with Jehovah’s Witness teachings and able to question her on her beliefs, and point her to the Truth of Jesus in the Bible. I enjoy the thoughtful, loving tone your website has in pointing out the error of the Watchtower organization, and the error of Jehovah’s Witness beliefs.”


jwdoorYour website is crucial in my witnessing efforts!

Your website is crucial in my witnessing efforts to Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses.  I cannot get the Mormons to come back anymore, but I had my first study with the Jehovah’s Witnesses today. …One has been in the Society for over 50 years!!!  I was very intimidated by this. …But the thing that really got them squirming in their seats today were the questions I got off your website regarding the use of the Divine NameIt was almost as if they had never heard questions like this before.  …thank you so much for what you do.  God has used your talents in such a wonderful way to bring glory and honor to our King Jesus Christ.”


research-booksThanks for providing the documentation to back up what you’re saying.

“I recently became acquainted with a girl who was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness, and I am a solid evangelical Christian. Despite our differences, we have become good friends …I have had the hardest time talking to her about my concerns regarding the Watchtower because I understood so little about it. In my search for resources online, it is so refreshing to find a website that is not slanderous or based on opinion, but that simply provides the facts. Thanks for providing documentation to back up what you’re saying. This is legitimate journalism and it has been incredibly useful to me.”

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