Reply to Gentleman Thinking of Joining the Watchtower

anne marie

Oh, Friend!!  We all here…all of us ex JWs, that is…understand exactly what you are saying!!  It’s those “nice people” that convinced us in the first place that this was “God’s” organization.  It’s why I joined.

Like everyone else who joined, I didn’t want Jehovah God to “destroy” my innocent children; I wanted to “be on Jehovah God’s side,” as I was told that I would be if I “took a stand for Jehovah,” and joined “His” organization.  Now that I know what I know about them, I realize that I had simply not made an “informed decision,” and that “uninformed decision” cost me and my precious children years of pain and depression, and today I continue to pay a high price for my freedom…

You don’t see what’s really going on within the Watchtower Organization until it’s too late; until you’ve been in the Watchtower Organization long enough to realize that “something is wrong,” but by then, even when you’re depressed and miserable, you’ve been so thoroughly indoctrinated to believe that the Watchtower Organization really is “Jehovah’s” organization, and that they are absolutely THE truth… the ONLY truth…as if there is no other…and this belief is by now so deeply entrenched that you feel that you have no choice but to stay.

By this time you will know in your heart that if you ever choose to leave, everything and everyone that you gave up to be in “The Truth” will have now been lost for nothing (and you may never get it back) and everything that you gained by being in the organization (such as so-called FREINDS) will be now and forever lost from you, and worse, oh, so much worse, you are certain to lose any family that you have in the Watchtower.  It is a pain and a grief that all of us here hope that you never have to go through. No one should ever have to face that type of heart wrenching pain…

There is no such thing as real “love” in the Watchtower, as all “love,” as is “friendship,” is entirely CONDITIONAL upon your “standing” in the Watchtower.  It is simply a sad fact.

Please don’t join them!!  If you are already seriously thinking that the Jehovah’s Witnesses really do “speak for God,” and are “The Truth,” please take the time to thoroughly research their history first.  Most  Jehovah’s Witnesses do not truly do the research, because those that do do not join.  And the one’s that do join the Watchtower are those who have been thoroughly convinced by the Watchtower’s methods and use of words and phrases and promises used to teach them…not to mention the constant fear of dying at Armageddon.

All cults have “nice people” to lure other “nice” and sincere people such as yourself into the cult with clever “reasonings” and twists of Bible truths…and the reason that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are so against ALL Christian religions is because they are not Christians themselves, even though the Watchtower has them convinced that they indeed are.

Bless their hearts, but they are thoroughly indoctrinated and deceived by the Watchtower into believing that they, alone, are the only “TRUE” Christians, and the sad thing is that they don’t even seem to know the definition of “Christian,” nor do they understand what it means to be a “Christian.”

The word, “Christian,” literally means, “Christ-in,” or, “Christ-in-you.”  Simply put, Jehovah’s Witnesses, as loving and sincere and as well-meaning as they are, are in reality simply teaching and “parroting” Watchtower Doctrines of Men; they are truly, and unknowingly,  “the blind” leading “the blind,” and it’s not their fault, because they, themselves, were taught by others who were themselves deceived.  It’s a sad and vicious never-ending treadmill of  works, lies, ignorance, fear, guilt, and pain.  And I don’t think you would really want to be on it…

Be careful.

Anne Marie

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Author: Anne Marie