Magic Bullet Question for the Jehovah’s Witness

anne marie

Question on how to reach the mind of a Jehovah’s Witness

So many times, those who wish to find a way to “reach” the mind of a Jehovah’s Witness through the fog of “Watchtower Thinking” have often wondered what that “one question” was; what that one “magic bullet” question was. 

As an ex-JW, I can tell you what that “magic bullet” question would have been for me.  And it is the following…oh! If only SOMEONE had asked me this question, I believe that it would have saved me many wasted years, and much of the shame and fear and guilt I felt in knowing that I was never going to be “good enough” for Jehovah; that He was probably going to kill me, anyway.

So here is what MY “Magic Bullit Question” would have been…

“Do you really know what Jehovah God’s plan of salvation is for mankind upon the earth?”

At first I would have felt completely confident that the answer was that ‘all one had to do was to join the Watchtower…it being “God’s” Organization…and to just remain “faithful,” and they’d be saved.’ But then, ultimately, that question would have given me pause; it would have stumped me completely.

After my initial confident tirade, it would become clear to me that my answer had not really answered the question at all.  Because being a member of the Watchtower Organization, and remaining a “faithful” member…no matter how many years that you serve, or how many hours you have spent in the Watchtower’s ministry, or how many people you have “brought in”… it does nothing to guarantee your salvation at all!

If any Christian knows the basics of the Christian faith, and if that Christian is able to at least share the basic scriptures to prove their faith in Jesus as our savior, that one question, I feel, can help to show the JW that with all of their Watchtower “Bible Knowledge,” they don’t REALLY know the answer to that simple question, and that just might stump them just enough to be open to hearing the truth of what God’s plan for salvation for mankind upon the earth REALLY is, and that would be a real blessing, indeed.  Because the sad truth is, the Watchtower Organization does not have any life to give to anyone.  (But they’re never going to admit to that…at least not directly!)


Anne Marie

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Author: Anne Marie