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What Do Mormons Have? Forever Families!  Oh Really?

by Mark Champneys Evangelism Director

Mormons often boast about things that Mormonism has that no other religion has. This  seems  to be an attempt  to convince both themselves  and others  that  the LOS Church  is “the  one true church.”   But do Mormons really have any of these things? I have come to realize that the answer is a resounding  “no” when  a  person  takes  a closer look at virtually any of them.

Let’s  begin with their well-known  claim to offer  a  religion  with  forever  families. They speak of being sealed  in the temple, both in a temple and  in temple sealing  ceremonies,  so  that  their  family can be together forever  in the celestial kingdom.  The LOS Church teaches that if a person otherwise meets the requirements for  entrance   into  the  celestial   kingdom (the  highest  of  the  three  heavenly kingdoms),   then  they   also   need  to  be sealed  to  spouse  and  children  in  a ceremony performed  by proper priesthood authority   in  the  temple  in  order   to  be assured that  they will be together forever as a family unit in eternity.

Does this doctrine really mean anything? I  once  visited  temple  square  and  went along on a tour with an LDS sister missionary leading.   Questions were not allowed along the way, but the tour ended downstairs   in   the  north  visitors center where there was a large display with the words “forever families.”  So I inquired if I could ask  her a  question  about  forever families, to which she nodded yes.

I told her that my LOS mother had done a  great deal  of  genealogy  work  on  my line, and had presented me with a data CD containing    over   4,000   names   of   my relatives.    I asked  her  to  imagine  those 4,000 names put together in a massive pedigree  chart  on  the  wall  showing  all their interconnections.    “So here is my question,” I said.   “Where on this chart is the family  unit?    Will  my wife  and  our kids be a family unit, or will my  kids be family  units with  their kids?   Or  what if my parents want me to be with them?   If we  are  all  sealed,  how  do  you  identify sealed family units?”

She  seemed   startled   at  the  question. “Well, I guess we’ll  all just be together,” she  proposed.  She  had  never  thought about  it before.  Whereupon  I explained that the only thing that gives a family unit any meaning is the concept of death. Ultimately we are all just one family with Adam and Eve as our parents, but because of death,  my kids  become  a  family  unit with my spouse and me.  Yet we will die, and  they  will  become  family  units  with their kids, and so on. In heaven, however, we  will  all  be  alive,  so  we  are  back  to being one human family.   So the concept of a family unit is empty in eternity.

But   there   is   a   larger   problem.  In Mormonism,  the  sealing  ceremony  only has   effect   in   the   celestial    kingdom. Before her death in 1999, my mother once wished  out loud that I would come  back to Momonism and be sealed again to our family.   “Mom, LDS sealings  only apply in the celestial kingdom.  Neither you, nor I,  nor  anyone  in  our  family  meets  the requirement of the celestial law to stop all sin [LDS-style  repentance]  which  means none of us will be there.   That means that none of the temple sealings already  done mean a hill of beans anyway.”  Her eyes glazed over in thought as she knew I was correct. Even if she could do   the impossible and be good  enough,  many of of  us  would  surely  fall  short,  rendering the  idea of a complete family in heaven meaningless even then.

Ironically, my wife and myself and my four children are Christians and have all received salvation by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone-so we will all be  together  with  each  other  in  heaven. We are truly going to be a forever family in  God’s   presence.    So  who  really  has forever families?  Hmmmmm?

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