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Loly and I met in 2005 while I was on a short term mission’s trip to Arica, Chile, where Loly was born and raised. We got married on October 8th 2006 and lived in Arica, Chile for our first year of being married. We were part of a small church in Arica of roughly 25 people. I was the youth leader and leadership teacher there, while Loly helped translate for me.

Arica is a city of 180,000 people, and in Chile 10% are Mormon. We lived right next door to a Mormon Chapel and a Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall. So seeing Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormon missionaries walking around going door to door was totally normal for us.

As I was finishing Bible college, a friend gave me a book by Walter Martin called The Maze of Mormonism. During the time that I was reading this book, God really convicted me and called me to evangelize the Mormons and eventually the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In November 2006, we ran into two Mormon missionary girls and we started meeting with them on a weekly basis. Whenever we saw Missionaries walking around, we would do what we could to get them to meet with us.

We became affiliated with Witnesses for Jesus during our time in Chile. When God called me to the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses, I started writing to various ministries asking for their help. Witnesses for Jesus was one of the few ministries who responded with dedicated help and through this ministry we met Christy who was a real encouragement to us during this time. Witnesses for Jesus sent us a great amount of resources, for which we are still grateful to this day.

To make a long story short, my wife and I eventually moved to the United States. My wife started working for Witnesses for Jesus right away with translating and editing articles. Lately, with the director’s time being taken up raising a family, we have contracted with the ministry to help answer website correspondence. We respond to emails sent to the main office and oversee the Ex-Jehovah’s Witness and Ex-Mormon volunteer email ministry team. We have had the pleasure of meeting many people through this ministry. For example, in the last year, I had the ability to help and encourage a gentleman who had a rough witnessing experience with three Mormon Missionaries. I talked with him for two hours, referring him to various website tools and giving him ideas on how to handle his next encounter with them. We have been involved with this ministry since 2008 and we love it!

God bless!

~In Christ ~ Mark and Loly

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