Jesus’ Triumphal Entry by a Colt of a Donkey

Donkey Cross

Jesus Triumphal entry Story narrated by the Donkey!

Hi everyone, my name is the colt of a donkey. I am the donkey Jesus rode at his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem the week before he was crucified. Oh how thrilling it was to have the master, creator of the universe, the King of Glory chose me, to carry him into the Holy city. What an exciting time.


Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem

Did you know that Jesus was foreordained (predetermined) before the foundation of the world, that he would die on the cross for your sins [1 Peter 1:18-20]. And [Rev 13:6- says that he was the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” That means thousands of years before God made the earth, Jesus as the Word of God knew he would die on the cross.

Wow, you know what else? He also knew he would choose me, the colt of a donkey to ride in on. So you know what he did, since Jesus is the creator of all things, and knew he would die on the cross, when he created the donkey, He put a cross on our backs as a symbol of his death and resurrection.
See the photo of my friends, they all have crosses. We are special. In fact once upon a time a donkey was carrying a man named Balaam and God opened the eyes of the donkey to see an angel from heaven and then to be able to talk like a human to his master. Abraham also used a donkey to carry the wood to the mountain to sacrifice Isaac, which symbolized God the father sacrificing Jesus for us to take away our sins.
Oh, and when Mary was going to Bethlehem to give birth to Jesus, she rode a donkey to the manger. Mangers are where animals are stabled, So we the donkeys got to see Jesus be born! Then that very night Sheppard’s came to visit. They told us that all the angels of heaven appeared to them, saying Today in Bethlehem a Savior was born who is Christ the Lord…and all the angels shouted, Glory to God in the Highest, Peace to all Men.
I am so elated to tell you this information; it’s as if I was there with Jesus at the triumphal entry all over again… The crowds of people were waving palm branches in the air, throwing their coats along the path for us to walk on and praising God, saying Hosanna! “Hosanna,” is a cry for salvation, while at the same time is a declaration of praise.
Nowadays that event is called Palm Sunday, its right before the Passover feast, and a few days later Jesus was crucified on the cross.
If you have computers and Google, there is a story on line called “The Legend of the Donkey Cross by Mary Singer…it is a poem she wrote about me. The story is not how it exactly was, but it is how I felt about my Lord! Let me share it with you…

Legend of the Donkey’s Cross by Mary Singer

Bring me the colt of a donkey, was the Masters request! A young donkey was brought to Jesus to carry Him into Jerusalem. A week later Jesus was ordered to be crucified. The little donkey so loved the Lord that he wanted to help Him carry the cross. But alas, he was pushed away.

The sad little donkey waited to say goodbye until nearly all had left. As he turned to leave the shadow of the cross fell upon the back and shoulders of the little donkey. And there it has remained a tribute to the loyalty and love of the humblest of God’s creatures.

Article written By Gloria

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