Interesting Calls to Our Ministry


Greetings from Dan and Kaci,

I am so pleased to report that we had another incredible month handling calls for Witnesses for Jesus. Although the calls were quite peculiar, it reminded me of the times we are living in and how we need to guard our hearts.

First, I had a call from a Christian woman who thought she was calling the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I commended her for her boldness and we entered into a conversion about the JW’s and Mormons. The topic of skin color came up during our conversation as I was explaining the Mormon view on white and black people. As this conversation continued, she asked me what color I believed Jesus was and I responded that Jesus was Jewish and so he most likely had darker skin similar to the Jewish people today.

Well, unfortunately she began tearing down certain people, myself included, for how Jesus has been portrayed as white. As we spoke further it was plain to see that she was bound by anger and bitterness for other people and claiming to be Christian at the same time. I was shocked and yet told her every race of people were created in the image of God and therefore worthy of dignity and respect, and since we have all fallen short of the glory of God, there is no superiority with any race. Sadly, she hung up on me. But, I thank God for the call because if any of us are not careful, we too can fall into the trap of pride, and its end is destruction no matter who we are.

Within minutes of the call I just discussed, I had an individual call who similarly feel into the trap of pride. He thought that he was calling the Mormon Church and was surprised when I told him that we help people out of the Mormon cult. We had a great discussion on the differences between the Mormon beliefs and those of Christianity and he had the same arguments as the Mormons typically do, (that is, the Bible is unreliable because its been interpreted and the Book of Mormon is more complete), but when I asked what evidence he had to substantiate his claims, he didn’t have any.

In fact, there is not one piece of Archaeological evidence to prove the Nephites ever existed, as the Book of Mormon says, and that is what he was basing his faith on? I went on to explain, “There is over 10,000 pieces of archaeological evidence that substantiate and confirm the stories of the Bible.” He thought that he was thinking for himself but in reality he was just repeating what he had heard without even considering that what he was hearing was in fact, a lie.

This reminded me that we all are given a brain and we need to be critical thinkers and not just believe anything we hear. We have the Bible to challenge what we hear with the truth of Gods Word.

Until next month, God Bless, Dan

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Author: Webmaster