A New Approach To Reaching Mormons


QUESTION: Is the Manti Pageant Christian Outreach for the Mormons or the Christians?

The outreach has the obvious goal of planting as many truth seeds in the lives of Mormons as possible but, this outreach is as much for the Christian missionaries as it is for the Mormons. We hear over and over again from the mission team leaders that this outreach changes the lives of virtually every person on their teams. Manti is so much more than an outreach to the lost. It has the added advantage of equipping the Saints and igniting them for the cause of Christ. I think it is safe to say that every Christian leaves Manti a stronger Christian than they came. GOD BE PRAISED!


I love multiple event witnessing opportunities like the Manti Pageant because I get to experiment. Last night I decided that I would not even mention Mormonism to see if I could make my point with the LDS people without mentioning their false doctrine. So I walked up to a group of Mormons on the street and said,

“True or False – It’s All About Jesus?”

This seemed to catch them by surprise and they would respond…


So I would ask,

“Do you believe that Jesus is the most important person who ever lived on this earth?”

They would respond,


I would then say,

“If Jesus is the most important person who ever lived, are his words the most important words that have ever been spoken?”

Again they would respond,


So I would say,

“Are the words of Jesus the ABSOLUTE truth?”



And we would proceed to talk about how important the words of Jesus are for us. And, I would emphasis NOT the words that others say Jesus Christ said but actually the words that came out of Jesus Christ’s mouth. It was amazing as we discussed various things that Jesus actually said how quickly they understood that not all the things they have been told about Jesus were true. And they would say,

“So are you saying that Mormons don’t believe in Jesus?”

And I would respond,

“No, I think you believe in Jesus, you just don’t believe Jesus. You don’t believe what Jesus actually said, you believe what you think Jesus said. I think in Utah today that Jesus is still ‘The Stone Rejected’ just like he was 2,000 years ago in the Jewish nation. We say we believe in Jesus but we do we really believe Jesus.”

It was amazing to me how readily they understood what I was saying and every one that I talked with agreed to do something that I think will be a HUGE seed in their thinking.  They all agreed to read the Book of John with the eyes of a child, that is to approach the teachings of Jesus as a child would and just believe everything that Jesus taught. Because, as Jesus said,

“Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven.”

This method worked well and seemed to be much less offensive than some of the other methods we use. Every person I talked with thanked me for not attacking their religion.  Yet they all got the point – Mormonism is NOT following the teachings of Jesus!

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