Evil Looks Appealing Like A Big Frosted Gooey Delicious Cookie

January is an excellent time of year to use such a title. Perhaps cookies are beginning to look evil to you too? If you’re like me, those enticing Christmas concoctions from December have got you considering a gym membership and a 40 day fast to start off the new decade. Sigh. As the saying goes “a moment on the lips, and a lifetime on the hips.” Perhaps calling Grandma’s double chocolate fudge cookies “evil” is a bit extreme but we all can relate to regretting an indulgence that led to making wiser choices in the future.

But Is THIS the Picture of Evil???

Evil was not my first thought and likely not the reaction of most viewers either. Personally, I’m inspired. I love the story and I love the choir. But then again, I’m not a former Mormon. But a friend of mine is. Though I don’t share the same triggers as her, I understand her reaction. When a mutual friend — who is neither a former Mormon nor ex-Jehovah’s Witness — innocently shared this video on Facebook, my friend took the time to explain.

It’s a great story. Very problematic however considering that Mormonism is one of the biggest scams ever pulled off and this production is all about bringing people into Mormonism via celebrities and “Christian” productions.

Sorry to take away from the intent… I really am. Because it was a beautiful telling of the story. I want to not despise where it took place but I can’t help it. That building is meant to draw people into a very false belief system. Go there sometime. They will walk you through the most despicable web of lies there all leading to convincing people that Joseph Smith was a prophet that Jesus needed to complete God’s work in the world.

Also sorry that this is triggering to me. And I HATE that about myself! That world of Mormonism is like poison I continually have to draw from my system. But I know all the reasons why this conference center was built, why they do these celebrity filled productions, and why they seem to be the best at telling the most heart-wrenching, spirit-warming stories. It’s ALWAYS about convincing people that Mormonism is truth and that the LDS church is the only complete and true Christian church, why else would you feel so magical watching a production of theirs? What it actually is is the best window dressing for deception ever conceived. The church is a brainwashing cult. Joseph Smith was a liar, conman, bigamist, rapist, pedophile and the list goes on. This building you see in this production has shrines within it to that man.

So the part they don’t tell you as they show this lovely family being all reunited at the end, is that ONLY via the temple across the street from this conference center, can this family actually be together in the next life. That it was JOSEPH SMITH, not Jesus Christ, that made that possible because he was the prophet for the “last days” that restored the “sealing keys” so that vía the Mormon gospel, families can be together forever. But to “qualify” for that (yes that’s the word constantly used), according to 1830’s LDS doctrine, a man must have plural wives, and they must all be married in the LDS temple. Jesus only saves you after all of the LDS ordinances are complete and lived worthily to the end. Then and only then.

Sorry for this negative post. This in the video is false worship. Jesus Christ did not author the Mormon version of Christianity.

P.S. I may be taking that well needed break from Facebook. Too many “triggers” these days.

Well there it is: Real and raw. And I am SO THANKFUL to her for pointing this out. Lies truly are presented in pretty little packages aren’t they? The friend who originally shared it was just posting a story and song that inspired her. She didn’t even know it was the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or that it would trigger such a response. As I sat back and read her reaction, I didn’t want to calm or console her, but rather encourage her to use that angry fire inside her!

Keep speaking out. I’m the same way about those other nice, happy smiling people with Bibles in their hands. They teach some solid truths and there are some lovely people in their ranks, but Jehovah’s Witnesses use the Bible to deceive people, divide families, protect pedophiles and wife beaters, disgrace the sacrifice of Jesus Christ by trampling on grace, and encourage people to kill themselves. Even as hot mad as I get at times, God leads me in humble prayer for them.

Don’t be ashamed of your anger or your triggers, they’re there to wake up others to the danger. The protection God gives through it all is in teaching you how to pray for your enemies. In this, He is continually conforming you into the likeness of His Son.

Love these people who spit me out and condemned me and still holds hostage those I love??? Yes, says the Lord. Just pray and I will teach you as you ride this rollercoaster. God is sooooo gooooood! I am thankful He called you out of the cult. Hold fast to Jesus and continue to tell your story.

Why it’s important to listen to ex-members

Thanks Julie. I feel like such an a-hole sometimes but things like this make me realize that the wounds are still there, still deep, still trying to heal. Some days I can joke about it, other days I’m wielding hot pokers around. Your background is similar to mine in coming from a brainwashing system used for control and deception. These churches don’t think that’s what they are, and members don’t see it until that day they do and try to leave or do leave. And the public on the outside really doesn’t see how deep the deception is. I mean this is a beautiful presentation. If I had not grown up in that church I’d think it was wonderful inside and out! But when you live it and then walk away, what you see are all the lines in between. All the things they deceptively use to bind. Ya know, you always hear Christians say good people do not just turn to evil and see it as good.

Evil looks appealing, like a big frosted gooey delicious cookie.
If it looked like ooozing slime, nobody would look at it.

I have lost many friends in the last few years. I still have a few that put up with my rants.

They are pretty good at the deception aren’t they? It all seems so innocuous. Actually, it’s heartbreaking to me. I WANTED the LDS church to be true, to be God’s church. I was in it to win it. I LOVED the Tabernacle Choir music… still in some ways do. They do a gorgeous rendition of my favorite hymn. It breaks my heart they are a sham trying to sell Jesus always vía the Mormon Joseph Smith lens.

Thanks for tolerating my rant with love and acceptance. Just when I think I’ve moved past some of this crap. Nope I haven’t. Getting there but not quite done. Hugs and Merry Christmas!

♥ ♥ ♥

So if you’ve made some New Year Resolutions about eating healthier, good for you!
Let those unwanted extra pounds be a reminder to you not to give in to temptation.
Likewise, listen to the stories of those weighed down from the unhealthy effects
of false religious systems and learn not to eat from those same systems.
They’re ranting for a reason.

Here’s to Healthy Anger in 2020

Keep yourself in God’s love,


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Author: Julie

As a convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Julie believed she had found “the Truth,” but when she was “disfellowshipped” for “apostasy” when she questioned the organization's policies and refused to trust the organization over Jesus as her ONLY mediator, Julie left to find true freedom serving the REAL Jehovah God in joy and truth! Call Julie at 719-355-7164 ext 113