Will Suffering Ever End?

The hot topic on Meetups and Facebook discussions among former Jehovah’s Witnesses the past month was undoubtedly the investigation by the Royal Commission of Australia into over 1,000 sexual abuse cases within the Watchtower Society. While this is good publicity to share among those eagerly anticipating the membership of this cult to drop, I can’t help but think of the consciences of those who would “protect” the leadership who caused so much suffering to these victims. Don’t Jehovah’s Witnesses care about human suffering?

A few years ago, Jehovah’s Witnesses were distributing a pamphlet titled “Will suffering ever end?” On the inside, under the heading “Can we really believe what the Bible says?” It encourages readers that we CAN trust God’s word for two reasons offered:

* God hates suffering and injustice. Consider how Jehovah God felt when his people in Bible times were cruelly mistreated. The Bible says that he was distressed because of “those who were shoving them around.” –Judges 2:18, New World Translation.

God has strong feelings about those who harm others. For example, the Bible says that “hands that are shedding innocent blood” are detestable to him. –Proverbs 6:16, 17.

* God cares for us as individuals. Not only does each person know “his own plague and his own pain” but so does Jehovah! –2 Chronicles 6:29, 30.

Through his Kingdom, Jehovah will soon end the suffering of each individual. (Matthew 6:9, 10) In the meantime, he tenderly comforts those who sincerely look for him. — Acts 17:27; 2 Corinthians 1:3, 4.

Do you agree with these words??? Do you trust God’s word and believe His desire to end the suffering of victims of the Watchtower? As their own literature states, Jehovah hates injustice and is distressed when those He loves are shoved around. That is why these cases are being investigated. That is why so many are leaving the organization. God loves those who sincerely seek justice and truth. We can trust what the Bible says about God’s feelings toward those who harm others, so pray for God’s justice to be upheld in convicting the leaders in the Watchtower Society who condone suffering by covering up acts of injustice. Because God cares for individuals and knows their pain, support groups, websites and prayers are rising up to expose the suffering caused by policies within the Watchtower Society.


Keep yourself in God’s love, Julie


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Author: Julie

As a convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Julie believed she had found “the Truth,” but when she was “disfellowshipped” for “apostasy” when she questioned the organization's policies and refused to trust the organization over Jesus as her ONLY mediator, Julie left to find true freedom serving the REAL Jehovah God in joy and truth! Call Julie at 719-355-7164 ext 113