What happens to the people who never hear the Gospel?


If God is a loving God, how can Jesus be the only way to be saved when not everyone has had the chance to hear of Him? Only the Mormons answer this question for me because they claim that everyone will be given a second chance to hear the Gospel in the Spirit Prison.


The first thing we need to realize is that God judges BASED UPON the knowledge He has given each person. So if a person didn’t get a chance to hear the Gospel, God will not judge him on his inability to hear/know the Gospel. Instead He will judge him on two things:

1). The Light of Creation and 2). The Light of Conscience.

The Scriptures that explain this at Romans chapters 1 and 2. These chapters specifically describe how God has given EVERY MAN these two witnesses so that every man is “without excuse” (Romans 1:20) when he stands before God and gives an account for how he has lived his life.

So, unlike Mormonism that requires a second chance for people who didn’t hear the gospel on earth, the Bible teaches that there is only one chance because after we die, we face judgement (Hebrews 9:27). God is righteous to do this because He has given every man the light of creation (to know there is a God) and the light of conscience (to know that He has moral standards).

Many Christians believe that as each person responds positively to the light God gives, God will grant more light, so again every man is without excuse when he stands before God, even if he doesn’t get a chance to hear the Gospel on earth because he will be judged based upon the light he was given by what he knows about creation and conscience.

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