Watchtower “friendship” is conditional!!

anne marie

(This was copied from a reply that I gave to one who was questioning the witnesses of the Watchtower.  This is from a site that helps current JWs…and those who have left…who anonymously contact the site for answers, help, and support)

Dear Friend,

Please know that “Free at last” is absolutely right…yes, most JWs are very loving and helpful and friendly and sincere, but their “friendship” is ALWAYS CONDITIONAL!!

No matter how wonderful any one of Jehovah’s Witnesses may have been to you, or how many times any one of them was there for you, it’s all CONDITIONAL.  They don’t consciously mean their friendship to be that way…they are not “deliberately” giving “conditional” friendship to you…but it’s just the way they operate, because the entire “purpose” of “associating” with a “worldly” person is to convert them.

Why not give them the same “Test” that JWs always tell their “studies” to give to others??  This should prove to be quite illuminating, indeed!!

Just try sharing with the Jehovah’s Witness the truth about Jesus, showing them specific scriptures that back up the Christian Faith, or tell them that some particular teaching in the Watchtower just doesn’t “jive” with you, and tell them why, and then ask for them to show YOU specific scriptures that solidly back up Watchtower Doctrine.

They may ask you if you’ve been reading “apostate” literature (any literature that exposes the truth about the organization) or if you’ve been listening to (wicked) “apostates,” or, (Horrors!!) if you’ve been on any ex JW web sites.

At first the Jehovah’s Witness may try to “reason” with you from the scriptures to show you “the truth,” (according to Watchtower Doctrine), but bottom line, Walker, if you don’t show that you’re “coming to your senses” and agreeing with them, that is, if they see that there is no way that they will ever convert you away from the truth of Christ to the teachings of the Watchtower, you will be dropped…but then, again, Walker, as long as you’re good for “time” that they can report on their Monthly Field Service Report, they might still come to see you “just because”!  

(The “Test” that JWs tell their studies to give to their loved ones is this:  Preach to them about all the wonderful Bible “truths” you’ve been learning, and keep preaching to them, and if they “have the right heart,” they’ll come around and want to study, too!!  But if they don’t, you’ll know that they are choosing “Satan”! )  (That last “Satan” part was a bit harsh, but really, that’s the gist of it!!)


Anne Marie


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Author: Anne Marie