VOICE – Dan Robbins on Hurting to Healing with Melissa

VOICE ~ Compelling Voices ~ Courageous People ~ Hurting to Healing with Melissa

Voice with Dan Robbins

In this program, Dan gives VOICE to his journey in and out of the Jehovah’s Witness Organization.

No matter if you were born in or came in later in life to the Jehovah’s Witness Organization, did you have that constant nagging that you just didn’t quite fit in?  Yet you went along and did everything that was required of you no matter the hypocrisy, no matter the judgement.

Can you relate?

Daniel said, “I grew up in an abusive home where my father was an alcoholic and addicted to drugs, the Jehovah’s Witnesses never completely embraced me as one of their own, because they feared that I would act like my father. Despite my inability to fit in at the Kingdom Hall, I did, however, hold solidly to all of the doctrines of the Watchtower Society and believed that I knew it better than most Witnesses.  I was always uncomfortable around people of this religion because of the hypocrisy I had witnessed in the Kingdom Hall. Yet, I believed they had “the truth,” so I continued to work to gain approval from them.

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