VOICE – Brittany Aloisio on Hurting to Healing with Melissa

VOICE ~ Compelling Voices ~ Courageous People ~ Hurting to Healing with Melissa

In this program, Brittany gives VOICE to her journey in and out of the Jehovah’s Witness Organization.

She will give VOICE to the inner voice I believe many of us can relate to. The voice inside constantly saying,”God felt so far off from me. I didn’t know why?  I wanted to know that I knew God and that I was His. I felt like God was a task-master.  Do this, don’t do that. Work, work, work and no fun. I felt lost and lonely and didn’t fit in anywhere.  I was searching everywhere for happiness and fulfillment.  I never wanted to be different or weird.”  Tune in to hear Brittany’s transparent VOICE and story.

~Responding~Transforming~ Revealing~Testing


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