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Voice with Ali Bogolin Bautista


Totally convinced she was raised “in the Truth,” active in the Watchtower organization, even avoiding college so that she could put Jehovah first, Ali reached out to a struggling Jehovah’s Witness in hopes of bringing him back to the meetings.  When he replied to her questions with a list of problems and scandals within the Watchtower organization, she learned for the first time that the Watchtower had been involved as an NGO with the United Nations (which they consider the Beast of Revelation) and the Watchtower’s cover-up of sex abuse cases, exposed by the Australian Royal Commission.  As she continued to study the problems her Ex-JW friend was sharing with her, she started asking questions to the elders, only to end up being rejected by the elders and scorned for her questions. Going into depression, Jesus met her in a dream.

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