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I was raised in a Catholic family, went to Catholic School for 4 years, and practiced Catechism until graduation from high school. But I only knew of “dos” and “donts”, and never really got anything out of it. In fact, the emptiness led to a rebellious time period spanning quite a number of years. In the midst of those years, I became engaged to be married to a Jehovah’s Witness young lady. Since I was going to be having a marriage with a Jehovah’s Witness, I thought it was a good idea to investigate the group. In doing so, I found so much mind control and lies (factually and Biblically) that it doomed my relationship (Praise God!). It was only several years later that I became a Christian.

However, the thoughts of the emptiness of false religion not only lingered, but drove me instinctively to simply KNOW what is going on in the mind of the person who is engulfed in a false religion masquerading as Biblical Christianity. I also had an uncle who was an assembly overseer for the Witnesses, so I poured myself into massive intake of knowledge about this group. It was, and is, obvious to me that those who have chosen a system of “works” to attain salvation instead of “grace”, which is UN-deserved, are destined to an eternity separate from God/Jesus, unless we help them see the “free gift” that they have refused. This has been my number one priority for almost my entire time as a born again Christian (since 1988).

The gospel message is really quite simple. We are sinners. We need a Savior. Jesus IS that Savior. He died to pay the FULL price for every sin we ever committed or will commit. And he rose from the dead bodily to declare freedom for the captives (us, and whoever will simply receive him).    While true faith is exceedingly simple, it is somehow elusive for people ensnared in a system masquerading as Biblical Christianity. Invariably they simply want CREDIT for their RIGHTEOUSNESS. It is only when we realize we don’t HAVE a righteousness, like Paul in Phil.3:9, that Jesus can GIVE HIS TO US (positionally).

Those of us in this mission field have a two pronged ministry. First, to be completely equipped to accurately delineate the differences between the legitimate and the authentic. Second, to communicate those issues to a hungry unbeliever…who THINKS he/she IS a believer. This is one of the most unique and specialized ministries in all of Christianity, but it is very important, because it also tends to be one of the most neglected ministries in Christianity.

I am married to Tracy and we do street evangelism to the Witnesses in their capital, New York City, USA. I offer myself as a servant to whoever I am blessed to encounter in this ministry. God bless you all in Christ Jesus!

Tim (&Tracy) Spangler


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