Those Wicked Apostates!

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

Do you remember the FEAR you had as a child watching the Wicked Witch of the West swoop through the Land of Oz? As you grew to love the Scarecrow, Tin Man, Lion, and Dorothy, you wanted nothing more than to get that Wicked Witch out of the way!!

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!! What an anticipated celebration for the fans of Oz.

But what if the “Wicked Witch” was really “the good guy?”
What if the people of Oz were simply fed a fear campaign
to comply with a greater evil that sought to have control over them?

If that were so, that ruling entity would have to rid the land of any whistleblowers who might expose their facade. 

In order to maintain control, the all powerful Governing Body must rid their organization of any people who dare to expose them pulling the levers behind the curtain.

Wise dictators know the enlistment of their people
to wholeheartedly support their decisions requires indoctrination

That is why in the Watchtower, indoctrination is not just about working toward paradise but also learning who to hate and avoid on the journey there. After all, those who eventually leave the Watchtower may go on to expose the child abuse, false doctrines, and shunning practices within it. In preparation, the leadership has made every effort to create in the minds of their members, a hatred and fear of those who apostatize from it. 

Those who leave the organization have been compared to Satan…

“Satan was the first creature to turn apostate. Modern-day apostates display characteristics similar to those of the Devil.” –Examining the Scriptures Daily 2011 Aug 18 p.83

And since apostates display characteristics similar to the devil, it’s no surprise we dine with him as well….

“Those who have continued to feed at Satan’s spiritual table, the table of demons, will be forced to attend a literal meal, no, not as partakers, but as the main course-to their destruction!” –Watchtower 1994 July 1 p.12

Apostates have also been compared to criminals….

“Apostates “quietly” bring their ideas into the congregation, like criminals who secretly bring things into a country. 

And the mentally diseased…

…The Bible says that apostates are mentally diseased and that they use their teachings to make others think like them. (1 Timothy 6:3, 4) Watchtower 2011 Jul 15 Study Ed. (Simplified) p.11

Page 28 of the February 15, 2004 Watchtower informed the indoctrinated sheep that listening to the twisted, poisonous reasoning of apostates can only do them spiritual harm and contaminate their faith.

How should the “true Christians” of the Watchtower feel toward apostates?

“True Christians share Jehovah’s feelings toward such apostates; they are not curious about apostate ideas. On the contrary, they “feel a loathing” toward those who have made themselves God’s enemies, but they leave it to Jehovah to execute vengeance.” –Watchtower 1993 November 1 p.19

Well there ya have it. LOATHING. Apparently God loathes those who leave the Watchtower and you should too. 

Is it any wonder the people of the Watchtower
might be compared to those in Oz who sang
“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead?”

“They are finally going to be gone, all these despicable enemies that have just reproached Jehovah’s names, destroyed never ever to live again. Now it’s not that we rejoice in someone’s death, but when it comes to God’s enemies, finally, they are out of the way, especially these despicable apostates who at one point had dedicated their life to God and then they joined forces with Satan the Devil, the chief apostate of all time.” –Morning Worship Recording Sep 2020 Anthony Morris III: Jehovah Will “Carry It Out” (Isa. 46:11) jwb.202009-11.v

Whew. With such expressive adjectives used repetitively each week and year after year at the meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we can certainly appreciate how much they hate us. In fact, the July 15, 1992 Watchtower calls hating apostates an “obligation” by the congregation. 

“More than that, we want to hate those who willfully show themselves haters of Jehovah, haters of what is good. As David of old expressed it: “Do I not hate those who are intensely hating you, O Jehovah, and do I not feel a loathing for those revolting against you? With a complete hatred I do hate them. They have become to me real enemies.” (Ps. 139:21, 22) We hate them, not in the sense of wanting to do them harm or wishing them harm but in the sense of avoiding them as we would poison or a poisonous snake, for they can poison us spiritually.” –Watchtower 1980 June 15 p.8 What It Takes to Keep Separate from the World

These are the teachings and people I left behind in 2003. And I’m not the only one. Millions of us have walked out or been kicked out. They call us APOSTATES. They call us WICKED. Why? Because we have the power to expose their wizardry, the REAL evil behind controlling 8 million people who submit to their power. 

Kevin McFree’s Dubtown Youtube video “Leaving the Yellow Brick Road” is an entertaining look at how a doubting Dorothy went on a journey to meet the great and powerful Governing Body in hopes to have her faith restored. She meets along the way three familiar characters who also assume the Governing Body has the power to align their trust with the Watchtower’s promises. Meanwhile, a pesky “Wicked Witch” tries to divert them from that narrow minded road. If you haven’t figured it out, spoiler alert — the witch is an apostate. 


I recently had the delight of seeing the Broadway musical “Wicked” with my daughters. And like Dubtown’s parody, Elphaba (the wicked witch) is only guilty of exposing error. And because the powers that be must protect their position, the people of Oz are stirred up to believe she is wicked and must die. And of course, they rejoice when she does.

Throughout history, people have been inclined to believe whatever the media, political, and religious leaders tell them. When Elphaba discovered the wizard’s charade, she told him it was all “smoke and mirrors.” His response was “the truth is not a thing, fact, or reason; the truth is just what everyone agrees on.”

“the truth is not a thing, fact, or reason;
the truth is just what everyone agrees on.”

The people of Oz agreed that the wizard was in charge just like the sheep of the Watchtower believe the Governing Body is in charge. Anyone who seeks to expose that becomes “wicked.” But here’s some encouragement to those of you who’ve endured such labels and treatment. Don’t be afraid of wicked witches or apostates, instead do your research, find out who’s telling the truth and rise above it.

They sought to bring you down, show them you can defy gravity!

Keep yourself in God’s love,

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Author: Julie

As a convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Julie believed she had found “the Truth,” but when she was “disfellowshipped” for “apostasy” when she questioned the organization's policies and refused to trust the organization over Jesus as her ONLY mediator, Julie left to find true freedom serving the REAL Jehovah God in joy and truth! Call Julie at 719-355-7164 ext 113