The Jesus Makers – Special Conference Edition

Can the Jesus of the Roman Catholic Church Save You?

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The Jesus Makers

By Marshall Almarode (Ex-Mason)

As soon as Michael Eberle told me about the inaugural Ex-Catholics for Christ Conference to be held November 7-8, 1997 at John MacArthur’s church in Sun Valley, California, I was determined to go. Experts were going to be there, so I just knew this conference was going to be “hot” (spiritually on fire!). As the days drew near, I was excited just thinking about what God might do. We were told that there might be some Catholics picketing and that security was being beefed up. I just knew that God was going to provide a golden opportunity to both learn and witness. I was not disappointed in the least.

In Richard Bennett’s (ex-Catholic Priest) presentation, “True and False Worship: The Cross and the Mass,” he documented that the Roman Catholic Church declares in every Mass, “Bread … which earth has given and human hands have made” has been changed into the real body of Jesus Christ. Each piece of bread “which [human] hands have made” after being blessed by the priest, is declared by the Roman Catholic Church to become Jesus Christ in the flesh. His very presence is there “under the appearances of bread and wine.” Richard also pointed out that over this same bread, Rome prays in the Mass, “See the victim whose death has reconciled us to yourself.” Rome claims that the bread and wine have now become “the sacred victim.” Richard cited official Roman Catholic sources, which document irrefutably Rome’s stand for a victim-Christ on her altars. Further, Rome defiantly claims, “The sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifice of the Eucharist are one single sacrifice: ‘The victim is one and the same: the same now offers through the ministry of priests, who then offered himself on the cross; only the manner of offering is different.’” Richard said, “To claim that the Jesus on the Roman Catholic altars each day is the same “victim” as on the cross is in the strict sense, blasphemy.” This teaching obviously disagrees with the clarity of Scripture, “Christ is not entered into the holy places made with hands and “wherefore if they shall say unto you … behold he is in the secret chambers: believe it not.” Richard pointed out that Jesus was never a victim but gave his life willingly for our sins. He went on to show us that Roman Catholicism teaches that the real Jesus who died on the cross supposedly shows up and is present in each piece of bread. Richard showed conclusively that this “sacred victim” on the Roman Catholic altars is not the Christ of the Bible, but rather a man-made Jesus. Every Roman Catholic Priest furthers the doctrine that bread made by the hands of man is declared to be transformed into the real body of Jesus by the words of the Catholic priest during each Mass. Because the Bible teaches that Jesus only had one body which he took to Heaven with him, Roman Catholic priests are making false Jesus bodies.

I never expected to see so clearly the official Catholic false teachings about Jesus. As an outsider – having never been a Catholic – I was thoughtful about the Roman Catholic priests praying Jesus into millions of different bodies (pieces of bread). According to their teaching each person eats the whole body of Jesus every time they partake of the Catholic Mass. The creation of multiple bodies to worship and adore would obviously be recognizable as polytheism by all, except that the Roman Catholic Church disguises its polytheism by saying that all these bodies are the same Jesus who died on the cross. This disguise effectively cloaks their unbiblical trinity from the world. Although Richard and the other speakers did not call them this, it is obvious to me (an outsider) that by their multiple-body teachings, the Roman Catholic priests are truly Jesus-makers.

A Witnessing Encounter

By Marshall Almarode

The first day of the conference I asked Larry, one of the demonstrators, if Jesus was really in the bread (host) when the priest blessed it. He said, “Yes.  All of his body parts … head, hands, feet, toenails, hair and guts, everything that makes him human and everything that makes him divine. His body parts are all in there under the appearances of bread and wine.”

I asked, “If I break it in half and give you half to eat, will you only get half of Jesus?”

He answered, “No! Each half now contains a whole Jesus just like the first whole piece.”

His friend helped by saying, “Every crumb contains a whole Jesus.”

I said to Larry again, “If I put these two halves of the bread in two beautiful metal cans and put them on each side of the table, is all of Jesus contained in each can?”

He replied, “Yes, absolutely, because of the miracle that the priest performed when he blessed it.” He called this miracle transubstantiation.

Now that he and his friends had committed themselves to this doctrine, by explaining it in excellent detail, it was time for the final two questions, “If I have a whole Jesus in each can, how many Jesuses do I have total?”

Larry said, “I don’t want to say two.”

My final question on the subject was, “Have you ever heard of polytheism?”

The next day Larry was back, and I asked him if he had thought about my question. He said that he had and still didn’t have any good answers for me. We talked for another two hours and developed quite a good relationship.  Not all the blessings at this conference were to be had inside the auditorium. Part of the blessing I received this year at the conference was the opportunity to practice what was preached with those who were strongly against what we were doing.

False Gospel Makers

By Richard Bennett (Ex-Roman Catholic Priest)

The Church of Rome is also a false gospel maker by “whole-heartedly offer[ing] the sacred victim, and in it themselves, to the Father.” Such practice falls under the category of works self-righteousness, which the Bible condemns. Besides the fact that He was never a victim, Rome’s claim is for a Jesus made with human hands. Seven times the Scriptures declare that the sacrifice was only offered once. A daily and Sunday offering, in which people offer themselves with “the sacred victim” is the business of the false gospel-makers, condemned by Galatians 1:6-9.

The three main speakers, John MacArthur, Dave Hunt, and Joe Jordan, together with former Roman Catholics Rob Zins and Greg Durel, documented how (in the words of Romans 10:3), Roman Catholics “being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and going about to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted themselves unto the righteousness of God.” Evangelicals such as Chuck Colson, J. I. Packer, and Bill Bright, who claim that Catholics are “our brothers and sisters in Christ,” and laud the Pope in the ECT document, have failed to assess scripturally, Rome’s official stand: “The faithful participate more fully in this sacrament of thanksgiving, propitiation, petition and praise, not only when they whole-heartedly offer the sacred victim, and in it themselves, to the Father with the priest, but also when they receive this same victim sacramentally.” In one of his presentations, Dave Hunt clearly documented the false gospel of men who uphold Rome, Billy Graham included. Cecil Andrews of Take Heed Ministries in Belfast, Northern Ireland, also documented Graham’s false gospel compromise with Catholicism when interviewed recently on the Larry King Show.  Both Dave Hunt and Jacob Pietsch remarked that the biggest problem facing those saved out of Catholicism is the false gospel propagated by some leading Evangelicals.

The Bible tells the elders of the church to “hold firmly to the trustworthy message that has been taught, so that you can encourage others by sound doctrine, and refute those who oppose it.” (Titus 1:9)

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