Should a Christian Vote for a Mormon President?



“We have been concerned about Romney as the possible Republican nominee for the election. It seems dangerous to us that he is Mormon and could be controlled so much by them. We have another book by Decker and Hunt, The God Makers.  In Chapter 16, and especially page 241 they describe the scenario of having a Mormon president.  Do you know if these same thoughts as they describe are still being pushed by the Mormon leadership today? We feel more and more like we cannot vote for Romney, which leaves us wondering who to vote for then.”


Dear friend,

Given the upcoming 2012 Presidential US Election between Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican Candidate Mitt Romney who is a Mormon, we have been asked a lot of questions about our views on this matter.  While our ministry makes a point not to comment on political matters, I would like to share my personal views on this subject.

First of all, my perspective is that while I would like to see a solid Christian in the presidency, rather than someone who is in a pseudo-Christian religion, we need to remember that this election is not a vote for the person who will lead our church.  So the Biblical standard as it applies to doctrinal beliefs for a pastor or some other church leader, does not necessarily apply to someone who will be the leader of our country.

That being said, this does not mean we don’t try as Christians to vote for the best presidential leader who aligns closest to our Christian values.  In this case, while we as Christians have strong convictions against the heretical beliefs Mormons hold concerning their views on God and Salvation, there isn’t a lot of disagreement between Mormons and Christians when it comes to basic moral values and the types of political decisions that a President would have the authority to make.  For example, both Mormons and Christians, as a general rule, uphold the view that marriage should only be defined between a man and a woman, and both support pro-life positions and advocate the free-market system of a capitalistic economy rather than the socialistic and pro-abortion views of more radical left-wing candidates.   These are some of the major political issues of our day that a Mormon candidate, such as Mitt Romney, would be able to lend a positive influence toward guiding our country in a direction more compatible with Christianity.

The only real difference between Mormonism and Christianity when it comes to moral views is that Mormonism in the past practiced polygamy and teaches that someday under the millennial rule of Christ and in the afterlife, they will practice polygamy again.  But the LDS Church of today does all it can to downplay this teaching on polygamy, even denying the extent at which it was practiced in its history and doing all it can to give the illusion that the practice of polygamy is a closed chapter from its history book.  So, in this case, the last thing I would think a Mormon President would want to do is to push for polygamy.  Also, while most Mormon presidential candidates, including Romney, have made oaths in the Mormon temple to give allegiance to the Mormon prophet and follow his directives, I know of no directive given by a Mormon prophet of our day that would raise a conflict between Mormons and the Christian population as a whole.  In fact, even Romney’s own voting record reflects that he does not blindly follow the dictates of his Church as he has in the past even voted contrary to the official Mormon position on certain matters, especially when it comes to his past non-pro-life views.  So, in these matters, I really don’t see Romney’s Mormonism being as big of a threat to Christian political values than his past voting record.

Keep in mind, the scenario that Decker describes in his book would only occur if the candidate were acting more like the fundamentalist, polygamist splinter-cult leader Warren Jeffs or past Mormon leaders like Joseph Smith and Brigham Young who were very controlling in the way they ran things.  I just don’t see any of the Mormon candidates of today, trying to setup a full dictatorship, like Smith and Young did in their respective cities, nor do they coerce people in the way that Warren Jeffs continues to do with his splinter group. So these concerns are not something I have for Romney or any Mormon candidate of the main Utah Mormon Church of today.

Furthermore, given the circumstances of this election that Romney is really the ONLY pro-life candidate who stands a chance against the anti-life, pro-gay, socialistic agenda of our current President, the answer about who to vote for is clear for me.  I’ll gladly vote for Romney, rather than abstain from voting, because I know that not voting is a vote for the evil direction our country is currently heading.

Remember what Edmund Burke said that all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. We must not allow evil to triumph. We simply cannot afford to sit back and do nothing, while our nation goes down this road toward evil.

I hope this perspective helps in your decision.

Christy Darlington
Director of Witnesses for Jesus Inc

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