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Randy Watters of  Free Minds.org

Having been a pioneer for two years and anxious to live at the hub of “God’s organization,”  Bethel seemed like  a wonderful place to be. From the start, I learned  to run a press, printing the New World Translation  the Aid to Bible Understanding book,  and many other publications. By 1977 I had been appointed a floor overseer and a Bethel elder.  I was in charge of the presses that printed their Bibles, and help start an offset printing training school. Later projects  involved  helping to renovate the  entire printing opera­tion.  Travelling  regularly  around  New England as a speaker,  I made many  fine friends and enjoyed my work.  I was  convinced this was truly “God’s orga­nization,” and was even zealous to re­port those who were entertaining thoughts contrary to those of the “faith­ful slave.”  I was well-known as an “or­ganization  man.”  Read more of Randy’s Testimony

Listen as Randy Watters Explains Why He Left Watchtower Headquarters in 1980

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