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Answering Lee Baker's Anti-Christian Arguments

Lee Baker vs. Dr. White Debate REVIEW

Having spent countless hours working directly with former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker when he volunteered as a Christian Ex-Mormon with our ministry from 2012-2018, I believe I have a good grasp on the way Lee Baker processes information and puts his arguments together. This debate review provides the necessary information both to understand the rabbinic claims behind Lee Baker's arguments and the Christian answers to those claims that were not presented during the original 2-hour debate.

Bishop Lee Baker's Anti-New Testament Arguments Answered by Dr. James White Prior to the Debate

PDF DOWNLOAD: Tri-Grace Ministries' Answers to Lee Baker's 15 Points Against the New Testament

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Storming the Gates of Hell at Temple Square


Yesterday was our Temple Square Field Trip. I have to say that I do feel empathy for the LDS Temple Security guards because we arrived with about 50 missionaries and as we pulled into the parking lot the mission team from Ankeny, Iowa, was also unloading (I am guessing with about 30 or so more missionaries). LDS Temple Security's job is to NOT allow Christians to witness to their people and 80 well trained Christian missionaries invaded their turf. This reminds me of our Lord's promise found in Matthew chapter 16, Jesus said, "I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Try as they might to hold the fort, yesterday, we stormed the gates and there was nothing they could do to hold us back.

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The Four (LDS Missionary) Sisters And The Big Bad (LDS) Security Guard

chip-tshirt-backOn Monday we took the Manti Mission Teams to the Salt Lake City Temple so they could experience the deception of Mormonism first hand. We sent about 40 Christian missionaries into the various venues surrounding Temple Square while the TGM Staff, went to the North Gate of Temple Square to witness on the public sidewalks. We of course talk with anyone who wants to talk but primarily we pass out the Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith DVDs. These DVDs are wonderful seeds that compare the teachings of Jesus and Joseph Smith and we were able to pass out over 100 DVDs to Temple Square visitors.

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The Body Of Christ At Work Is A Beautiful Thing

chip-tshirt-backWell, it is Friday morning already and this is the first chance I have had to send an update about the Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday outreach nights. So what is my problem??? I wouldn't exactly call it a problem -- more Christian Missionaries than we know what to do with is just the kind of "problem" we LOVE!!! Yes folks this week is HUGE! We have the largest group of missionaries ever - we estimate that there are over 200 Christians on the streets this week. AND... YES, IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING.

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A New Approach To Reaching Mormons


QUESTION: Is the Manti Pageant Christian Outreach for the Mormons or the Christians?

The outreach has the obvious goal of planting as many truth seeds in the lives of Mormons as possible but, this outreach is as much for the Christian missionaries as it is for the Mormons. We hear over and over again from the mission team leaders that this outreach changes the lives of virtually every person on their teams. Manti is so much more than an outreach to the lost. It has the added advantage of equipping the Saints and igniting them for the cause of Christ. I think it is safe to say that every Christian leaves Manti a stronger Christian than they came. GOD BE PRAISED!


I love multiple event witnessing opportunities like the Manti Pageant because I get to experiment. Last night I decided that I would not even mention Mormonism to see if I could make my point with the LDS people without mentioning their false doctrine. So I walked up to a group of Mormons on the street and said,

"True or False - It's All About Jesus?"

This seemed to catch them by surprise and they would respond...

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He Was So Thirsty To Hear God Speak


For those who haven't been to pageant before, the evening begins with all of the Christians meeting on the streets at 6pm for 20 minutes of worship followed by about 10 minutes of prayer. After leaving our prayer huddles, we breakout for fellowship and conversations with Mormons on the streets.

Right after prayer on the last night of pageant, I immediately noticed a guy "roaming" around listening to witnessing conversations. This guy, about 26-ish, was obviously curious, so I engaged him in conversation. Later, I discovered he had already talked with another missionary (Rob) right before I met him, and had been to the 3 previous pageant nights, but had yet to actually see the performance! Instead of watching  the pageant, he had been talking with Christians every night on the streets.

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Tri-Grace Ministries


Reaching Mormons for Christ

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Our call to Utah began 21 years ago following a week of teen camp in central Utah. We were packing our van, preparing to depart, when a missionary pastor named Jonathan Edwards said, “As you travel down highway 89, from Ephraim, Utah, to Page, Arizona, see how many Christian churches you can find.” We took the challenge and that day as we travelled 275 miles through 23 rural Utah communities we could not find even one Christian church and we were SHOCKED! When we arrived back in Phoenix it seemed as though Christian churches were on every corner and the Spirit of God whispered to us, “If you leave here, someone else will take your place but who will go to Utah for Me?” And we answered, “LORD, we will go.” Approximately one year later our amazing Utah adventure began.

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