MG-17 – No Need for Restored Temples

Have you ever wondered why the Mormon Church, builds temples throughout the world? What exactly do the Mormons do in their temples?  Mormons believe that they must perform secret temple rituals in order to gain eternal life. These rituals include temple workers washing and anointing specific body parts of the person going through the temple, the giving of secret names, handshakes, and temple garments which Mormons are expected to wear under their clothing for the rest of their lives.

Other Mormon temple activities include getting baptized for dead relatives and marriage for time and eternity.  In spite of the fact that the Mormon Church claims that their temples are a “restoration” of the Biblical Temple, there is absolutely no resemblance between the Biblical temple that existed in Jesus’ day and Mormon Temples today. Not only are the furnishings and structures of the Mormon temples completely incompatible with the Biblical temple, but none of the Mormon temple rituals were ever performed in the Biblical temple.

And what about the Mormon belief in Temple Marriage for eternity? Was Jesus married? What about the Apostle Paul?  How could anyone get married in the Biblical temple when women were not allowed past the “court of women” in the Jewish temple? Jesus even condemned this belief when He said, “…in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven.” (Matthew 22:28-30)  By adding Temple works to faith in Christ, Mormonism distorts the Gospel of Christ and cannot be considered Christian.


Do Mormon Temples Restore Biblical Christianity?

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