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anne marie

The Watchtower claims that their literature is used as “Bible Study Aids” to point people to God’s Word, when it is in reality the other way around!!

The Watchtower Organization USES God’s Holy Word (their own “revised” version) to point people to the Watchtower literature which then cleverly uses God’s Word to support their “doctrines of men.”Now no Jehovah’s Witness in their “right” Watchtower indoctrinated mind would agree with this “evil lie,” in fact an individual Jehovah’s Witness would fairly BRISTLE with indignant anger at this statement, but then I would venture to ask them if they could remain a Jehovah’s Witness, just as they are, just as they now believe, remaining in their Kingdom Hall, but to just use only the Bible.

What if the ministers of the Watchtower only used the Bible, and what if every talk from the Watchtower platform was ONLY from God’s Word…with maybe an unbiased Bible Dictionary or encyclopedia to help them…I believe that what would happen is just what they warn their members would happen if they only study the Bible without their “Bible Study Aids,” they’d start to believe what the Bible actually teaches!!

The very glaring fact that the Watchtower Organization took God’s Holy Word and changed key scriptures should alone be enough for anyone to realize this could not possibly be THE truth…as if there could be no other “truth” but what the Watchtower says is “truth”!!

But as with all other “obvious” facts regarding Watchtower “doctrines of men” that clearly show that something is wrong with this organization that claims exclusive “authority from Almighty God” over its members, the Watchtower is clever at turning the fact that they have altered God’s Word ever so slightly so as to be “seen” by their members in a “different light”; the Watchtower presents this altered version of “truth” to their followers as “the most accurrate version available.”

The most important thing we can do is to take responsibility for our thinking.  God has given us all the tools and all the information that we need.  What will we do with it?

Anne Marie

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Author: Anne Marie