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With the United States presidential election campaigns now underway, some Facebook posts suggest that those who vote for candidates who legislate actions contrary to biblical values will be held accountable to God for giving them such support. Really? Does any candidate ever align perfectly with God’s will? Are not ALL MEN and nations imperfect? Isn’t this the reason Jehovah’s Witnesses abstain from voting and prefer the escapism of waiting for a cataclysmic end to all human governments and dream of a perfect paradise under the rule of their perceived infallible Governing Body?

Can association with a particular political party, religious organization, or even a health club, condemn an individual when they themselves are not involved in all the activities of the group to which they belong?

For example, a clerk who doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke tobacco might work at a store that sells both. Is the clerk guilty of drinking and smoking for handling and selling the product?

In 1982, the Watchtower declared that association with organizations they disapprove of would have a direct effect on even the most innocent and lowly associates of that entity,

“The Bible condemns things such as stealing, idolatry and the misuse of blood, so a Christian could hardly engage in work where he directly promoted such things. Would doing the work so closely link a person with a condemned practice that he would be a clear accomplice? Even a janitor or a receptionist at a blood bank or a plant making only weapons of war is directly linked with work contrary to Gods Word.” (Watchtower 1982 Jul 15 Box on p.26 Employment Factors to Consider)

The Watchtower organization is known for accusing their members of “bad association” (1 Corinthians 15:33) for attending gatherings with non-JWs and maintaining membership in the YMCA, church, military, or political party. Even children pledging allegiance to their country’s flag is an abomination to them. But employment as a janitor at a blood bank is condemned?

I was recently reminded by an active member of the Watchtower Society that who we link arms with should be weighed carefully.

Excerpts from a recent letter sent by an active member of Jehovah’s Witnesses…
“As Jehovah’s Witnesses, we are exposing that the wild beast received its throne from the dragon or Satan the Devil and that the wild beast is NOT to be worshiped. We are NOT to give the honor or praise to any government or entity representing the world’s governments but only to the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ’s hands….
…the world rulers are giving their authority to the United Nations. So the question is…”Who Will Rule the World?” We have to show now who we support before God intervenes in man’s affairs by means of Armageddon. Do we involve ourselves in politics, do we vote, do we conduct ourselves in a way that shows we renounce Jehovah as sovereign in our lives? Does our church set a place for national and state flags at the altar? If so, one must seriously question who the church leaders consider to be their sovereign. We must be neutral in the world’s politics and support God’s Kingdom with Jesus as King and accept the help from Christ’s brothers here on earth now who are guiding his sheep with his direction. “

Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the first to interpret the beast of Revelation as the United Nations. They will quote from Revelation 13:11-15 noting how the beast MISLEADS people and that breath is given to this beast so that it could SPEAK and KILL those who refuse to worship it’s image. It certainly does sound like an association to be avoided. Why would anyone want to partner with such a murderous and deceptive entity? That’s why I asked this Jehovah’s Witness what the goal of the Watchtower was in seeking to form an association with the United Nations? When Jehovah’s Witnesses gained an NGO status with the United Nations in 1992 and continued to renew their membership each year after that, did they begin teaching something different about the beast? As you can see from this recent letter, the devout members of the Watchtower continue to abhor association with the U.N. seemingly unaware that their religion was bedfellows with it for nearly a decade!

After searching their official website on this subject, I never found any mention that the Watchtower denounced the U.N. as the beast of Revelation, but one thing I did notice while searching their site was the softer approach they took in their magazine articles of the 1990’s actually praising some of the efforts of the United Nations. I suppose this was to comply with what they signed on the application form for status with the U.N.? I am baffled why they would sign the application form with an agreement to “support the work of the United Nations” when they have determined that the United Nations is the beast of Revelation whose goal is to MISLEAD and KILL people. Excuse me, but that seems far worse than some 3rd grader standing up to say the Pledge of Allegiance in school, doesn’t it?

Keep yourself in God’s love,

To research more about questionable roots and associations The Watchtower has had with the Freemasons, demonic symbols, and the Illuminati, see Gloria’s research on Who Jehovah’s Witnesses REALLY are.

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Author: Julie

As a convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Julie believed she had found “the Truth,” but when she was “disfellowshipped” for “apostasy” when she questioned the organization's policies and refused to trust the organization over Jesus as her ONLY mediator, Julie left to find true freedom serving the REAL Jehovah God in joy and truth! Call Julie at 719-355-7164 ext 113