Evolution’s Many Miracles

The Faith of the Evolutionists, The Big Poof?  Labeled as Science, With a Foundation of Faith

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Evolution is advertised as science in the schools of America. Is this really true? Science is based upon repeatable experiments. The origin of all things is not repeatable. Therefore, it is not science. The different kinds stay the same with only a slight variation within the species. When you plant a seed of corn you still get corn, not radishes. Neither creation nor evolution have been verified experimentally. If we are going to be 100% honest with ourselves, we can’t call evolution a fact until it has been proven scientifically. Things that happen outside of the natural causes are called miracles or magic. Here are some of the problems with calling evolution a science.

The Origin of All Things

The first miracle of evolution is:

  • The creation of all things non-living

Evolutionists want to start their “Origin of All Things” with a concentrated mass that bangs. The “Big Bang” is the first “Big Poof” of evolution. This is not a true origin of all things if you start with anything. Where did the concentrated mass come from? They need to start with no thing, unless they believe that mass is eternal. Then, of course, that would be a faith, not science. Dirt and rocks are made of basic chemicals we call “the chart of the nuclides.”

The second miracle of evolution is:

  • The creation of order from random chance

Getting order from random chance is the next miracle poof of evolution. Evolutionists believe as soon as they get order from randomness, it stays ordered – by chance. How does randomness get and then keep order? DNA has complex order, language and code.

  • The creation of the complexity of chemical compounds

The next miracle would be the ability to build compounds with these nuclides. Chemical compounds are ordered and are not random. How did the ability to form compounds happen by chance? The right set of chemical compounds are needed in the right order to create life.  The next miracle of evolution is:

  • The Creation of Basic Life

Science has a huge problem with the beginning of life. Life is infinitely complex. Evolutionists still don’t know how the first life was formed. They have failed to make life from chemicals by chance. This is the next miracle or magic poof of evolution.

  • The Creation of Distinct Kinds

How did different species or kinds evolve? There is a variation within the different species, and yet there is a definite barrier between the different kinds. This is not random. How did male and female come about from random chance within each kind or species?

  • The creation of each species was unique enough to form a separate kind

Scientists have been looking for the “Missing Links” between the different species for over 100 years and haven’t found one yet. They are most likely still missing because they’ve never existed. For an animal to evolve into another kind or species, we need another poof.

  • The creation of the ability to learn and gain knowledge

The next miracle of evolution is how can basic chemicals learn? Is knowledge physical? How is learning stored as knowledge? Is it possible to make knowledge using chemicals? What kind of knowledge would that be? Would it be all jumbled up or ordered according to topic? This is another miracle or magic poof of evolutionary faith.

Issues Evolutionists Use as Evidence

  • Great Expanses of Time

Time is the great magic poof for evolution. With enough time, anything can be imagined. Obviously, no one alive today has experienced over 150 years of time. Anything outside of our experience is faith if we don’t have an eyewitness. Evolutionists believe if given enough time, anything can happen.

  • Variation within a species

Variation within a species is science and is used as biological “proof” of evolution and is now mis-labeled as “micro-evolution.” The logic goes, “If we can show variation within a species then it is a fact that there is enough variation to eventually form a new kind.” Making a “new kind” is something that is a theory, not a fact. If there were a way to create a new kind, we wouldn’t be worried about any animal or plant going extinct because we would just re-evolve a new one. Obviously, this has never happened because evolution has never been observed. If we have never observed evolution, we cannot honestly state that evolution is a fact and not a faith.

  • Layers of the Earth

The Grand Canyon and Mt St Helens both tell geologic stories that disagree with the faith story of millions of years. There are two very significant layer events in the Grand Canyon. The most important is the “Great Unconformity” and the second is the “Kibab Up-warp.” The Great Un-conformity is a horizontal layer where the fossils start. This first layer of fully formed fish is called the Cambridge Explosion, because the layers below it have no fossils in it and the layers above it have fully formed, advanced animal fossils. Flood geologists believe this is the mark of the beginning of the Genesis Flood.

The Kibab Upwarp is at the north-east portion of the Kibab plateau. Here the layers were pushed up from very deep in the earth. The layers are thousands of feet deep and all of them bent up at almost 90 degrees. The layers go up a hundred feet or so, and then bend flat again. The only way rock layers can bend is if all the layers were soft at the time that they were bent. If they were hard, this would cause a fracture and we would have a cliff with layers broken off. The layers were bent and not fractured because they were soft when they were bent. This indicates they still had lots of water in them and had not yet hardened into sandstone and limestone. This is evidence for all those layers being formed by one huge flood and quickly, not millions of years.

Mt St Helens had another eruption in 1982 that resulted in a huge mud slide down the Tootle River area. This mud slide created hundreds of layers of sediment some 50 feet high. These layers didn’t take millions of years to form, they took less than a day. This is observable proof that multiple layers can be formed quickly in mud flows. The layers formed due to the eruption of Mt St Helens look exactly like layers found all around the Earth. Evolutionists need lots of time so that people will believe their faith. Mt St Helens proved that believing multiple layers of geologic strata are formed in millions of years of time, is blind faith, not good science.

The Big Bang is a poof and can’t be proven scientifically because it cannot be observed, reproduced, or studied. Evolutionists have not been honest when they claim that science has proven the world is millions of years old. Many evolutionists are not honest about what they can truly prove as science and where they enter the realm of faith.

Evolutionists can only guess where all the matter came from. This is faith and miracles, not science. Biological evolution from basic chemicals to life has never been observed or reproduced. This faith is again a poof miracle, not science. The missing links are missing because they were never created. Recent evidence at Mt St Helens suggests thousands of layers were put down by a worldwide flood which rapidly buried plants and animals, fossilizing them. So, the layers of the earth have not been proven to have formed millions of years ago; it’s been proven that it can take only hours!

Evolutionary faiths are being taught in public schools and on TV as science. Evolutionists should be more honest about where their faith ends, and science begins. Teaching miracles of faith as science is not good “science.”

(Reference: Dr Steve Austin – Institute for Creation Research)

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