Do You Know What Happens to the Mormons We Witness to?

Examples of Joseph Smith's Fake Translation
Examples of Joseph Smith’s Fake Translation

Twenty years ago, Christy Darlington and Marshall Almarode were in Utah, witnessing to Mormons with Marshall’s large display scroll sign of Joseph Smith’s Book of Abraham.  Although evidence shows that Joseph Smith did not accurately translate the text of this papyrus, one LDS man came up to them to try to argue and tell them that they didn’t know what they were talking about.

Marshall responded by suggesting to this man (his name is never mentioned) that he should do some research and figure out if Joseph Smith was really telling the truth about the Book of Abraham papyrus and the Book of Mormon.

Later, this man did do the research Marshall suggested and he realized Mormonism is wrong.  So he joined Freemasonry, thinking that was the way to go. But when he ran into Marshall again on the streets of Utah, he was able to show him why Freemasonry was wrong as it tries to get people into Heaven without Jesus!  That second meeting with Marshall happened several years after his initial meeting with Marshall and Christy on the streets of Utah, but God used Marshall again, this time to lead him to Christ!

This is a great story to remind us that often what we do on the streets when we are sharing our faith is to plant seeds. Although Marshall got to see the fruit of those seeds, we don’t always see them because salvation is all of God and He is the one who determines what happens to those seeds we share in people’s lives.  But when we do get to see the results of those seeds, it’s just awesome!  This video is less than ten minutes long so you may want to take a few minutes and watch it as it will encourage your faith:

A Mormon Comes Out 20 Years Later

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What Does the LDS Church Now Admit About the Book of Abraham?

What Does the LDS Church Now Admit About the Book of Abraham?


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