Religious and Organizational Cults That Lead To Apostasy


After reading my article you may think I’m crazy, possessed, or flat out lying!  Sometimes it’s hard for me to believe my own story and experiences which includes witnessing with my very own eyes and ears the dark and unholy world of Satan.  My experiences have so many twists and turns that I cannot explain them all in this article.

I once belonged to a religious cult; the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses which was also founded on the occult.  The definition of a “cult” is a religion or an organization that is not main stream and does not follow the teachings of the early church.  Cults also teach anti-biblical elevation of their leaders.  Cults do not believe in the divine nature of Christ and they do not believe the bible is without error so they follow their own books or flat out change the word of God.  The “occult” is a form of rituals, practices, magic, and hidden secrets that do not bring honor to Christ.  The cultist/occultist honors Satan and other gods but many have an outwardly appearance of godly devotion and good works.  There are MANY religious/organizational cults in America but some of the most common ones are; Jehovah’s Witnesses (JWs), Mormons, Christian Science, Scientology, and Freemasons.  Oddly enough, the founders of the JWs and Mormon religions had strong connections with the Freemasons. Unfortunately, famous and highly respected religious and political leaders have belonged or belong to the Freemasons.   Most cults give verbal or blood oaths promising never to leave that particular religion or organization.  If we dig deeper we may be surprised just how unholy they are.

Cults are nearly as old as the church itself and they are particularly dangerous because they may use the same language as true believers.  They also claim to be Christian but their teachings actually draw people away from God because they focus on “good works” instead of God’s grace.  Many cults are secretive in various ways and they demean women.   Jesus was transparent with His teachings and He used women in mighty ways to glory God!   Regarding religious and organizational cults, their words sound right, their members are sincere, but their way leads to death.  Galatians 1:6-9

Let me share my abbreviated story with you and maybe you will understand why I am so passionate in my counter-cult ministry and why I believe many of our American churches and organizations have been marked by Satan.

The beginning of dark and weird happenings:  When I left the Watchtower of JWs in 2000, I kept their bible and some magazines for research purposes.   My dad and my step-mother lived in an apartment attached to our home in Maryland.  We witnessed many weird and strange things taking place in our home.  One morning I saw a black figure walk behind me, I heard bumping or knocking sounds in the house and one day I heard a “party” going on in the next room.  Although the TV and radio were NOT turned on I heard loud chatter as if there were 100 people gathered in our living room for a special occasion, this went on for about 5 minutes.  That night I confessed to my dad what had happened and he then confessed to me they too had experienced weird things in their side of the house.

One evening while eating dinner with my husband, my dad and his wife, the light switch literally moved from the on to the off position, I had to flip the light switch back on to have light.  My dad said, “Betty, your haunts are back” meaning your ghosts have returned.  Weird things continued in that house for several years.  We even had our home anointed by an elder from our church but it did not seem to work.

When we moved to WV and had our home built in 2007, nothing weird happened until about a year and a half ago, about the same time I joined a wonderful ministry called Witnesses for Jesus at  This ministry helps former Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses recover after leaving their religion.  I had stored away my books and JW bible but I started using them again in my new ministry to try and help those who have been misled.  Strange things started again in our home concerning toys being moved from one side of the room to the other side, doors being locked, shut, and opened when they should not have been; dark shadows, and sounds of someone walking in circles all night long.  Our daughter who is 37 years old and our 18 year old grandson told me they were flat out scared and could not sleep during several visits with us.

Although I have been out of the JWs faith for 13 years, I had continued to use their bible off and on for research purposes even though the Holy Spirit was convicting me to get rid of it.  My heart was in the right place but I now know the heresy of the JWs bible and books did not belong in our home.  Acts 19:19-20 tells us the former occultist in Ephesus burned their books!!

Recently I went through my home like a hurricane getting rid of all materials that were connected to the cult/occult.  I have several deceased ancestors (whom I loved dearly) that were Freemasons.  I looked for reading materials or jewelry that was passed down to me ensuring I did not have Eastern Star or Freemason materials in my home!  I not only burned ALL materials that belonged to the cultist but this time “I” commanded the demons to leave our home in the name of Jesus and on the blood of the Lamb!  I commanded them to leave with authority and fearlessness!

I’m so thankful for forgiveness and for God’s grace! No matter what we do or how foolish we have been, there is forgiveness in Christ!

A total of eight family members witnessed these unholy visitors over several years. Through this ordeal it has brought me in the path of others who have experienced the same things we have experienced in our home or enabled me to witness to others.

We simply do not fully understand how the demons operate and different people have different opinions and theories as to how and why these things take place.   Many Christians simply do not believe in spiritual warfare even though the bible is clear on this issue, spiritual warfare is more than falling into sin or being tempted.  Without a doubt unholy objects, books, or behavior can “attract” the demons to us or to our homes.

Many people do not fully understand or ignore the fact we are in a spiritual warfare. Ephesians 6:12.  Some live a life of hypocrisy by living a double life engaging in unholy behavior or they might be connected to an ungodly club or religion.  Some Christians have pagan objects in their homes as decorations, read unholy books, watch degrading movies, or they engage in illicit sex.   A pastor told me many years ago when the rapture takes place there will be many folks left sitting in our churches.   As Christians we need to stand firm on the Rock of Christ and not live a double life or have double standards, it’s not good enough to “act” Christian.  2 Corinthians 11:13-14

There are many rumors floating around concerning these various religious and organizational cults I mentioned but we have reliable Christian ministries on the Internet that will help us to sift through fact from fiction.  Cult leaders do not want their members to leave so members are threatened of losing connections in the business world, their power, their money, their eternal life, their friends and relatives as a result of shunning.  Testimonies from former cultist/occultist are powerful and this is where we can also get reliable information.  Listed below are several Christian websites and links from former Mormons, JWs, Freemasons, and Christian Scientists. 

Religious cults/occults are very dangerous because they lead people down the path of darkness and destruction, families are broken and our relationship with YESHUA is compromised.   We should not follow our loved ones and friends to destructive organizations or clubs.

I would also like to mention that our home in MD and WV could not have been sabotaged by others   due to alarms and outdoor camera systems.  I would also like to reiterate that I do not personally believe demons attach themselves to objects but I absolutely believe unholy objects can attract them to us or to our homes.  One may never experience these unwanted “visitors” even though their homes are filled with occult books.  On the other hand, many of us will experience the unholy presence of Satan; however, we know there is power and victory in the blood of Jesus and through Him we can have peace!

We should not be conformed to this world but we should be renewed and strive to do God’s will in our homes and in our place of worship!  Romans 12:2

Listed below are several websites concerning various cults in America.

Stand firm on the ROCK of Christ!

In Christian love,





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Author: Betty