Common Questions Asked about ElevateClicks


As our ministry has been partnering with ElevateClicks, a PPC management company to obtain and maintain a Google Ad Grant that allows us to advertise free on the Google search system, we have received numerous inquiries concerning our use of their services.  The following is a list of the most common questions asked and our response to them:

– How long have you been using Elevate Clicks?

Since Jan/February 2015.

– How well have they fulfilled your expectations in terms of service from your representative?

Very well. We are learning many things about AdWords that we knew nothing about so they have been extremely helpful in both educating our team and helping our Ads be more effective with quality clicks and responsiveness.

– How do you use AdWords—what do you want to happen when someone reaches your website?   What’s the call to action?

We have several ads, some with conversions and others without. The biggest areas we’ve seen our performance increase has been with the sales of our products. They are double to triple what they used to be with our own ads that we had designed under our paid account prior to going with Elevate clicks. Other types of conversions we have include ads to our free website resources and sign-ups for our newsletters, etc.

– How do you measure the effect (success/failure) of your AdWords campaign?

The best way to measure is by looking at the AdWords click through rates and conversion reports that Google generates. Right now we are running click-through response rates of 3-10% for our ads. Before we went with Elevate clicks, we were lucky to get a 2% click-through response rate.

– What creative contributions has Elevate Clicks made to your AdWords campaign?

Mostly they are very good at what they do in knowing how to target our specific audience and creating ads that get good response.

– What technical (know-how) contributions has Elevate Click made to your AdWords campaign?

They pretty much run our AdWords GoogleGrant campaigns with advice for how we can improve our website to get better conversion rates.

– What advice would you have for me in order to get the most from my relationship with Elevate Clicks?

Try them out. Ask Questions and learn everything they can teach you in how to use their services to better increase the overall exposure of your non-profit business on the Internet.




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Author: Webmaster