Christian Ministries – Warning Gbee in Africa

Alert! To all Christian Ministries

Darlington W. Gbee (aka Wesseh Gbee) in Liberia, Africa has in the past not been honest in his dealings. 


For several years, our ministry and other ministries to Mormons we worked with had been sponsoring Darlington W. Gbee (aka Wesseh Gbee) of the Ex-Mormon Foundation in Liberia to reach Mormons for Christ in Africa.  For three years, our ministry watched Gbee working with other ministries to print articles in the local newspapers, host radio programs exposing Mormonism on Worship FM 101.7 Radio Station and run TV programs.  All the ministries involved, vouched for his character saying that he was legitimately doing a great work in Africa. Some even had ministry friends local in Liberia visit with him to check-up on his receipts for the projects their ministries had funded with him to determine his honesty.

Finally, in 2012 and 2013 our ministry joined the cause in supporting his work by 1.) printing two articles in the local paper (which he promptly sent a copy of one of the papers to us by mail), 2.) providing a laptop computer, 3.) Providing funds for his Worship FM radio program, 4.) Extending a $4335 loan to help him fund his mission by starting a taxi business.

Before he signed papers on our loan and received the money, we required a valid drivers license and a certificate from a local driving school.  But once he received our loan, he made one excuse after another for why he didn’t buy a car or do any type of taxi business, and although we granted him a 3-month extension to start paying his loan, he never made a single payment nor provided documentation on how he used our funds.  Five months after he received our funds, we learned of other ministries he scammed and people that he falsely impersonated to perform his money-deals. We have learned this about Darlington Wesseh Gbee:

1. He impersonated his Pastor Theophilus Davies by setting up a fake email address for him and answering his emails to try to legitimize his ministry.

2. He impersonated Rev. James Zaza by creating an email for him and lying by saying that Rev. James Zaza took over the Worship FM radio station for Victor Sleweon, but neither Rev. James Zaza nor his sons were ever employed by the radio station and Victor is still the station manager. We suspect that Gbee made up his fake email for Rev. Zaza to try to solicit funds intended for the radio station. So, as of May 2013 Gbee’s program with the Worship FM radio station has been banned.

3. Darlington W. Gbee has also scammed another Ex-Mormon ministry by having them pay for a laptop that we already provided for him 7 months prior.  Also, for several  months he plead for funds for a new motorbike when one of our friends in ministry already provided him a brand new one 2 years ago.

4. January 2015 Update: We received word that Gbee is now claiming to be doing ministry to Muslims and is operating  under the name Wesseh Gbee, with new scams attempting to raise funds for his Muslim ministry, an orphanage, a cement business and a rice business. His greatest means of raising funds had been by “friending” people on Facebook. Once a person allows him as a “friend” on Facebook, he has been known to “friend” their friends and pursue them for money as well.  In the past, Gbee has also contacted people through Christian ministry websites.

JANUARY 2019 Update:  Although Gbee defaulted on our $4335 tax car loan in 2013 and did not provide documentation for  how he used our funds. As of January 27, 2019 (6 years after we extended our loan to him),  Darlington Gbee repaid his loan in FULL.  He claims he has gone to college and is working an honest job. Until we can verify these claims, we cannot confirm if this is how he paid our loan back, but we are grateful that he is starting to clean-up his ways.





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