Christianity vs Judaism

Answering Lee Baker's Anti-Christian Arguments

Lee Baker vs. Dr. White Debate REVIEW

Having spent countless hours working directly with former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker when he volunteered as a Christian Ex-Mormon with our ministry from 2012-2018, I believe I have a good grasp on the way Lee Baker processes information and puts his arguments together. This debate review provides the necessary information both to understand the rabbinic claims behind Lee Baker's arguments and the Christian answers to those claims that were not presented during the original 2-hour debate.

Bishop Lee Baker's Anti-New Testament Arguments Answered by Dr. James White Prior to the Debate

PDF DOWNLOAD: Tri-Grace Ministries' Answers to Lee Baker's 15 Points Against the New Testament

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Is Christianity the Mormonism of Judaism?

Tribes of Israel Stained Glass by Daniel Ventura

Answering Lee Baker's Anti-Christian Arguments

The Jews have a saying that “Christianity is like the Mormonism of Judaism.”  This claim is based upon the following premises:

POINT 1.  G-d is NOT a man (Hosea 11:9) and just as Mormonism reduces God to man so that men can become gods, so Rabbi Tovia Singer and other Jews today claim that the Christian Deification of Jesus Christ is a blasphemous distortion of the true nature of G-d.  If we get the character of God wrong, we get everything else wrong. So, any discussion on beliefs MUST begin with the character and nature of God.  Hence, before we can discuss whether Jesus is the Messiah, we must FIRST start with this number one foundation of Judaism vs Christianity and ask the question: Did God Become a man?

COUNTER POINT 1:  While God is by nature not a “man,” we see that He appeared as a man in the person of the Angel of the LORD several times in Scripture.  In Exodus 3:14 we see this “Angel” (In Hebrew it means messenger, not necessarily a created angel) appears to Moses as a flame in a burning bush and also as a “man” several other times throughout the Old Testament. For example at Genesis 22:11-14 we see “the angel of the LORD” appearing to Abraham to “provide” a substitute ram for sacrifice in place of Abraham’s son Isaac whom “God” had commanded Abraham to offer in the land of Moriah (Genesis 22:1-2).  This “angel” says, at verse 12, “for now I know that you fear God, since you have not withheld your son, your only son, from Me.”  More Scripture from the Old Testament where God appears as the “angel of the LORD” and “man” are as follows:

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