A Brilliant Scheme?



A Brilliant Scheme?

The Watchtower is a big business and as such they are mindful of protecting their assets. It used to be they could protect their flock from finding anything out by shunning former members or tagging them as demonized or “mentally diseased.”

We know, however, that they must keep tabs on what the “apostates” are saying in an effort to prepare their flock to dispute our claims. But now they have more to deal with than just former members. They can’t hide their past because their own publications are on the Internet. The lawsuits won against them are now a public fact as well.

The potential converts too quickly end their study thanks to these readily available facts and children raised in the Watchtower aren’t staying in their parents religion either. So the Society must turn to the current membership and convince them to stay through their usual mode of operation which is by cranking up the fear. And yet current JWs with doubts bravely forge ahead and take that first step in visiting websites, chat rooms, and find former members available to help them. And most recent ex-JW testimonies include that contacts made through the Internet was a major influence in helping them leave the cult. And so, the Watchtower must keep an eye on the activities of apostates on the Internet. It’s in their best interest as a large corporation losing members to it’s influence.

The frightened mindset of speaking those first words against “the organization” is common among persons who recently left the Watchtower, but those first words have power to break the chains of oppression when they’re given a safe place to breathe. I nearly fainted the first time I announced to a friend that I no longer attend meetings. That’s how powerful a hold they had on me.

Naturally, as a business, they’d rather that none of their discouraged current members ever speak that first scary word against the all powerful Watchtower. Silence keeps them compliant and under their control. And yet, some of us break through that first barrier and venture into the available networks. It’s there that many former JWs become comfortable speaking against the Watchtower Society but continue to struggle with doctrines the cult ingrained in us. Seems to be a place the Watchtower Society would want to monitor to find the unsteady whom they can gain back into the fold.

I recently had to question a trend I’m observing in some ex-members who proclaim the Watchtower’s doctrines as “the truth” yet repeat the same mantra of “get rid of the Governing Body.”  They join our Meetup and even have blogs and websites already in place to share with the group. They are quick to point out the error of the current Governing body and sympathize with those who were disfellowshipped, but the links they share promote the same lies we swallowed in the cult. One recently shared site on our Meetup proclaimed:

Although the organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses is rotten now, it will be refined soon. Jesus will carry out “the gleaning” and “the threshing”. Therefore, the Bible prophecy about the future will be fulfilled in this organization.”

I see this as the carrot on the stick for the unsteady. It basically says, “keep watching the organization” while feeding them the new flavor of Koolaid that the Watchtower’s demise is all part of Bible prophecy. By convincing ex-JWs to think the Watchtower is special on the radar of God, it feeds the loss they experienced when they left the cult and validates the doctrinal errors so they don’t have to keep digging in God’s word for any truth. Because if the Watchtower’s fall is part of prophecy now, then even ex-JWs still get to be among the chosen ones in the know who saw prophecy unfold in their own generation. In other words, they are still among the elite who know “the truth.”

So I am entertaining a thought: What if these types of comments I’m hearing are actually part of a well orchestrated plan? The men who lead the organization are no dummies. They know the facts are out there. Their own literature condemns them and there’s too many of us former members willing to expose their error.

So what’s a large corporation to do? Deny it? No. They can’t. They have to go down…. but here’s where the criminal mind comes in. Let’s suppose the Watchtower organization has a team under them who pose as exJWs by ranting about bad things within the organization thereby gaining a common bond with others who left the Watchtower. They show up on the Internet chat rooms, facebook groups, Meetups, and radio call in programs, having gained the sympathy of other exJWs, all the while continuing to teach and promote key doctrines of the Watchtower while saying “get rid of the Governing body.”

Since the familiarity of doctrines is also a common bond, the unsteady among former Watchtower adherents begin to unite under one new “organization” that basically has the same teachings and goals of the religion they just left and then, just as the Governing body planned…. the Watchtower organization as we know it actually does crumble. All the dupes “think” the war’s been won, meanwhile all along they’ve been gathered into a “new” organization (which is really just a repackaged old one) and thus, the “Watchtower” goes on.. a..hem… living forever on earth… cough, cough.


Just a thought.

As for me and my house? I’d rather keep myself in God’s love, not His “organization,” Julie

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Author: Julie

As a convert to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Julie believed she had found “the Truth,” but when she was “disfellowshipped” for “apostasy” when she questioned the organization's policies and refused to trust the organization over Jesus as her ONLY mediator, Julie left to find true freedom serving the REAL Jehovah God in joy and truth! Call Julie at 719-355-7164 ext 113