Visiting with Former Mormons throughout the West

Preston, Idaho Visit

Dear Supporters and Friends,

Kathy and I wanted to report to you some incredible movement within the very center of Western communities that boast of nearly 165 years of Mormon heritage, authority and culture.

Preston, Idaho Visit

We recently visited with a powerful collection of former-Mormons in Idaho and Utah that represent the very real and tangible “Fruits” of your support, your prayers and the will of God.

Teaching in Preston, Idaho

These new but powerful Christians radiate love, compassion and commitment to Jesus Christ like few others across the United States. They each have been repressed and oppressed to the point that now set free in Christ, the incredible intensity of their Faith and Freedom can be seen in their face and heard in their voices.

They stand as vibrant witnesses to Jesus Christ within a land stained by the discouraging reality of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. They are proud to say that they now worship the gospel of Jesus Christ rather than that of Joseph Smith.

The overpowering and overbearing lie of Mormonism has been eroding under the weight of its own repression in a major way among some of the largest Mormon Communities. We visited in Idaho with former-Mormons in Preston, Weston and Idaho Falls and then traveling south through Utah we visited with former Mormons in Salt Lake City, Draper, and Ephraim.

The general mood among those former-Mormons who have recently come to know the Biblical Jesus Christ for the first time has been pure elation, confidence and a sense of purpose in each new day as believers in Jesus without Joseph.   We can hardly communicate to you the deep sense of healing several of these Brothers and Sisters in Christ demonstrated during our short visit.

Many of these new Christians, were just last year and the year before, broken and desperate to the point that even the minor challenges of life were overwhelming within a Mormon Community of judgement, harassment and contempt.   Nearly 30 people who were once frantic voices at the other end of the Witnesses for Jesus phone or within a gloomy email, became examples of real recovery and salvation realized. We were blessed to study, pray and visit with a small section of a virtual outpouring of the thousands who leave Mormonism each month.

As a direct result of these visits and with prayerful consideration, Kathy and I have committed ourselves to an annual “Spiritual Support Tour” of the now thriving former-Mormon communities that are in a desperate need to know that as they stand as a beacon of light in the darkness of Utah, Idaho and Arizona, that they have NOT been overlooked and that they are NOT on their own.

Look into the faces of just a few of those we met with as we informed them of your love and concern for them as we partner with you. The world of hundreds of Mormon families is changing for the better and you are a vital part of that change.

Glory be to God for His Grace and Mercy in Idaho, Utah and Arizona.

In Christ,
Lee and Kathy Baker

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