Training the Trainers and Encouraging Ex-Mormons

Sam Young of the April 2018 “Protect the Children” March

Dear supporters, this past month Kathy and I had the profound blessing to participate in several important Mormon outreach activities in both Utah and Idaho.

We met with Sam Young, founder of “Protect LDS Children” an active member of the Mormon faith and a former Mormon Bishop, who has organized a world-wide protest designed to STOP the Mormon practice of sexually specific questions asked of children during “Worthiness Interviews.”  Mormon children have been victimized by perverted Mormon Leaders, who have taken advantage of innocent children.

Kathy and I joined over 1,000 other marchers in Salt Lake City, to both bring awareness to this issue and to deliver 15 books, which include hundreds of first-hand accounts of abuse and exploitation to the Church office building. These 15 books were intended for the Prophet, His First and Second Counselors and the Twelve Apostles to read to see how these interviews have caused so much guilt & hurt in these youth that some have even committed suicide due to the shame and guilt they have felt due to these interviews.

In Idaho, we spent some much needed healing time in Prayer and Worship with a dynamic collection of former Mormons who have come to Jesus Christ from within a very oppressive and judgmental Mormon Community.  The Preston, Idaho area is 99% Mormon. Many know that the church is wrong, yet due to fear of losing their job, business, or their families, many are afraid to step away from the Mormon Church.

Shunning is HUGE there. Many of these former Mormons have been completely cut-off from their former friends and neighbors simply because they have chosen to leave the LDS Church. Please pray for all of those in Mormonism who are trying to leave this false religion, especially those in Idaho and Utah. Periodic support and encouragement is so critical to these isolated groups.

Grace Fellowship of Preston, ID

We were blessed to spend Easter Sunday with Pastor Jeff at Grace Fellowship Church in downtown Preston, Idaho. They are a beckon of light in this Mormon community. Please keep Pastor Jeff and his congregation in prayer for strength and to bring light to those who are leaving the LDS Faith.

American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches – “Train the Trainer” Pastor’s Conference

Finally, at the request of The American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches, Headquartered in Texas, we conducted a 3-day “Train the Trainer” Conference for a dozen Cowboy Church Pastors and preached Sunday, April 8th at the Wasatch Cowboy Church in Hooper, Utah.

Wasatch Cowboy Church

God has just recently laid on the hearts of these Cowboy Pastors to preach the Gospel to their Mormon neighbors in Alabama, Texas, Nevada and Oklahoma.  They contacted us to provide a basic overview of Mormonism and to provide witnessing techniques and resources.  We were overwhelmed for the genuine desire of these Pastors to bring their friends out of the dishonest teachings of Mormonism.

Again, we find it very challenging to express, with humble words, our deep appreciation for your prayers and your financial support.

In Christ,

Lee and Kathy

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