The Mormon Church is Warning Africans Against Lee Baker

As our supporters know, Lee and Kathy Baker, our Ex-Mormon Bishop and his wife, are still active in one-on-one discipleship with Ex-Mormons through their website with our ministry ( and our new you-tube videos that we produced from the seminars they taught in 2016 (  We are also working on getting their radio programs back on the air in Salt Lake City, Utah, and continuing their Worship FM Liberia African broadcast as well as trying to expand into two new areas of Africa in Kenya and Uganda where Mormonism’s influence is seen everywhere Christian missionaries go in these countries.  Lee and Kathy Baker estimate that from the time they started their radio program in Liberia, Africa (7 years ago) until now, they have received:

  • 4,000 letters or text messages on file.

  • 500 conversions out of Mormonism into a Biblical relationship with Jesus Christ

  • 7,000 to 10,000 Program listeners to both live and pre-recorded shows


No other Broadcast in West Africa has been dedicated to comparison between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity.  Yet, financial support for this aspect of our ministry is not yet fulfilled.  To date, we need an additional 3-4 thousand dollars by the end of the year, to be able to sign and pay these radio contracts.  Would you be willing to help with a monthly commitment, and/or a year-end gift? You can donate at:

Also, recently one of their listeners from Africa wrote that the Mormon Church is offering to sponsor college education for Africans who join their Church and warning their members not to listen to Lee Baker’s radio program because they are losing too many members from his program. This listener wrote:

“I am a motor bike rider due to unemployment since I graduated from High school, I decided to ride bike commuting people in and around Monrovia, the capital city of Liberia. My motor bike has an FM radio installed on it so I usually listen to Christian programs which the station airs, such as yours .

Had it not been for your radio program, Mainstream Mormonism, I would have almost joined the LDS church when two fellow, one black and the other white, tried to witness to me about Joseph Smith and that if I join the church, they will assist me with sponsorship for me to continue my schooling to college level after I told them I had just graduated from High School and was riding motor bike to save money for college since my parents can not afford.

I told them that I was not interested because I was told and informed by a former bishop of their church Lee Baker that they are a cult and their Bible contains so many contradictions on Worship FM 101.7 radio.

They said they were told by their church authority that whenever they go out to witness to anyone and that person or persons mentioned you and your wife program on Worship FM , they should tell them that you and your wife are liars and everything you ever said on radio and continue to say are all lies and make-up stories and that you are refusing to go through punishments for the wrong you and your wife did while in the church in the United States .

That you are bent on misleading and confusing people who might want to join the Latter Days Saints church; you are not to be taken serious. I was not persuaded by them so I told them that you presented evidences from their own books, documents, and Bible. They then said, “Thomas thank you for the time, talk another time” and departed.

Since they left, they have never return. I am totally grateful to God for Mainstream Mormonism radio broadcast.”

Thomas Costa
Monrovia, Liberia
August 29th, 2017

We are grateful for listeners like Thomas who are standing for truth, even when they have to turn down the financial opportunity for a college scholarship.  Thank you all for your support of Lee and Kathy Baker’s outreach with our ministry (   You can listen to past and current radio broadcasts posted on their website at:

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