The Email That Got Lee Baker Thrown in Jail

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The REAL Story Behind Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker’s Felony Charges, Arrest, and Incarceration in September of 2015

Lee B. Baker – Marion Superior Court 21, Criminal Division, State of Indiana

Case No. 49G21-1507-PO-024527

Click HERE to read the Email that Got Former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker Thrown in Jail in Indiana

No little speculation surrounds the criminal case in Indiana where former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker was charged with 3 felonies and 18 misdemeanors for engaging in Christian witnessing activities that brought awareness to the public about the unethical and unbiblical history and doctrines of the Mormon Church.

Without a single document of proof that Lee Baker was guilty of the stalking, intimidation and harassment charges brought against him, he was thrown in jail in Indiana and forced to bond out for $3,000. Over a period of months, the Mormon leadership used the legal system to attempt to denigrate his character and financially bankrupt him with over $30,000 spent in legal defense cost. Although all charges except two misdemeanors were dropped by the court due to lack of evidence, to this day, rumors continue to abound over the Internet that Lee B. Baker is some type of criminal.

Yet, little is known about that fact that prior to Lee Baker’s participation with the Indiana Temple Outreach, individuals within the Mormon Church were already stealthily contriving a way to arrest him, as was evidenced by leaked information from inside the Utah police department that was privately given to Lee and Kathy Baker months before they appeared at the Christian Temple Outreach in Indiana.

As you read the following documentation, provided by Lee B. Baker, you will see the thread of deceit and legal manipulation utilized by leaders within the Mormon Church to try to silence Lee Baker and his testimony.

 Noteworthy Event – Invitation to Participate

2015             April (1st week – approximation)

I, Lee Baker, received an Invitation (phone call followed by emails) to participate in Christian Outreach at the Mormon Temple in Indiana (Carmel). Sponsored by Tri-Grace Ministries, Director, Daniel G. Thompson (Chip) to include air fare with accommodations and food support from local Christians in Indiana.

In support of this planned activity, Tri-Grace Ministries coordinated with the local Indiana Law Enforcement Agencies specific to permits and policies, and secured volunteer support (20-30) from several local Christian Churches in the Carmel, Indiana area. Additionally, I was asked to write an article to be published within the 100,000 newspaper style “non-Mormon Temple Visitor Guide”, of which, 90,000 were mailed to area neighborhoods in June or provided to visitors at the Mormon Temple. My article, “What you should know about Mormon Temples”, appeared on page 1 and continued on page 5 of this guide.

Noteworthy Event – Covert meeting with Law Enforcement

2015             June 1-3

Covert meeting with Utah State Patrol Officer near I-15 and two Cell phone conversations with Law Enforcement Officers from Colorado and Arizona.

The purpose of these communications was to make me aware of a “Police Intelligence Report” that was issued from Indianapolis, specific to a fabricated allegation that I had the intent to “harm or kill a Mormon Elder”. Background of the nearly nine year old anonymous report (2008) given to the Arvada, CO, Police (after the publishing of my first book, Mormonism: A Life Under False Pretenses) that had been thoroughly investigated by the police and found to be completely false. As a warning, I was shown this Classified Police Intelligence Report, claiming that I was an imminent threat to the Mormon Church. These three Officers, whom I had never met, had followed my Ministry and made the personal assessment that such a claim was unreasonable, and as such, risked warning me of this deceitful report so that I could be on guard against further tactics.

Noteworthy Event – Tour of the Mormon Temple and Meeting of Elder Sinclair

2015             July 17

On the afternoon of Friday the 17th of July, my wife Kathy and I attended the Orientation and Tour of the newly completed Mormon Temple in Carmel, IN. After a short informational video, we joined a group of visitors to tour the inside of the Mormon Temple. While reviewing the paintings in the main hallway just behind the East Doors of the Temple, I noticed a gentlemen with a gold embossed nametag that said, “Elder Sinclair”. Knowing the position and rank of his title, I stepped away from our group, extended my right hand and said “good afternoon Elder Sinclair, I am Lee Baker” He smiled and kindly nodded and moved on.

At the conclusion of the formal tour, we were invited to visit with the Mormon Missionaries. At approximately 3:30, I was interviewed and video tapped for a Local News station by Mr. Maverick Atterberry, then we both stood outside the Mormon Temple and talked about Mormonism. Mr. Atterberry was offered an impromptu tour of the building and I remained outside to attend his equipment that was not allowed inside the Temple. Within several minutes, Elder Sinclair walked by me at the South door of the Temple and I again extended my right hand and asked if he would consider a short discussion about the Biblical validity of the Mormon view of the Temple. He asked my name and then stated that he had a prior meeting and would be right back. He never returned.

Mr. Sinclair communicates with Mr. Baker after a No-Contact Order has been Issued

Date of Event: 1 September 2015

It may be common knowledge within the Legal Community, but my assumption was that if a No-Contact Order was issued by Mr. Sinclair, then he would logically not be permitted to communicate with me. I have seen many legal documents with the phrase “a reasonable person” and I might now state that a reasonable person would not expect to get an email and several letters from the person who had just filed a No-Contact Order against him.

I feel that as a Civilian and a reasonable person, I was both baited and deceived into responding to Mr. Sinclair, and in fact, violating the No-Contact Order issued and thus placing myself in Contempt of Court.

My full and complete communication to him upon receiving two letters and one email was, “Outstanding… See you in a few weeks.” I submit that a reasonable person would see this event as an exceptional tactic of a skilled Attorney, but also as mockery of the Court as the communication in question was neither threatening nor harassing in any way, shape or form. Yet, this one email served as a basis to charge me with a “contempt of court” for violating the No-Contact Order and it was at that court hearing that I was arrested and thrown in jail for harassment.

Perjury Documented within the Affidavit and Court Transcripts – Paul H. Sinclair

Date of Event: 17 September 2015 and 23 September 2015

Without question, Mr. Sinclair under oath describes a meeting with Mr. Baker as, “saying things to him”, “asking him about having a debate of some kind.” And then Mr. Sinclair documents the fact that he responded to Mr. Baker with, “that’s not gonna happen” and further claims to walk away, “without any further interaction with Baker.” I would simply ask, if a subject describes interaction with, speaking with, and answering to an individual, would that not constitute a meeting, conversation or exchange to a reasonable person?

Yet, in the Court of the Honorable Kimberly D. Mattingly, the same Mr. Sinclair made the following statements when I asked him under a cross examination, “We have never met.” and, “I have never shaken your hand, sir.”

Note: I found it interesting that Mr. Sinclair hand-picked Mr. Bryan Roach to lead the Temple Security team, but he did not know that he was the Deputy Chief of Police of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, according to page 13 of the Court transcript.

Demonstration and Evidence of Coercion and Corruption:

Mormon and Ice Miller Documents added to the Official Court Packet of Ex Parte Order for Protection by Mormon Deputy Chief of Police at the Direction of Ice Miller Attorney

Date of Event: 31 October 2015

As formally corroborated and reported by the Hamilton County Sheriff himself (Mark J. Bowen), his Officers were instructed by Mr. Bryan Roach to “add” a letter from the Mormon Church and a letter from the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP., to the Marion Superior Court 21 packet of documents containing the Legal Ex Parte Order for Protection against Mr. Baker, to protect Mr. Sinclair.

Note: I found it interesting that Mr. Sinclair’s Firm and his Church were able to influence Mr. Roach (also a Mormon) to instruct two Officers from Hamilton County to “add” letters of instructions that benefit the cause of Mr. Sinclair and Mr. Roach as well as their respective Employers and Religious Organizations.

Charging Documents provided to Mr. Baker – Late and No Criminal Activity Noted

Date of Event: 25 September 2015   

It was nearly 48 hours before I had received my Charging Documents or “Papers” to confirm to my violent and aggressive cellmates that I was NOT a Child Molester as was the inmate assessment by my age, appearance and lack of any Charging Documents. Understandably, I was hard-pressed to sell the fact that I was in the “Gladiator Pit” on the 4th floor of the County Jail, charged with 3 Felonies and 18 Misdemeanors for sending emails about a Religious issue that upset a local Attorney.

Regardless, the Charging Documents record a level 5 felony, two level 6 felonies and 18 misdemeanors for essentially the same act of issuing massive amounts of emails that, “attack the appropriateness of Paul Sinclair being both a partner of Ice Miller LLC and an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” This statement is accurate specific to the emails, yet the validity of the charge that these were sent in direct “violation” of the ex-parte protective order was only speculation that did NOT hold up to any legal standard as was demonstrated by the dismissal of the Charges on the 18th of February 2016, as an incentive to accept a Plea.

Note: I found it interesting that the Deputy Prosecuting Attorney listed the State’s Witnesses, on page 12 of 12, and under Mr. Paul Sinclair is listed Mr. Bryan Roach. The curiosity is that at the top of the list is two IMPD officers listed with their Badge Numbers, yet the Deputy Chief of Police of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department (Bryan Roach) is not identified as an Officer of the Law.

 Examples of the Foundational Emails and Press Release Notice

Date of Event: July 2015 to September 2015

These are examples of the core or foundational emails (see link below) sent (nearly 800 times) as personal, group and organizational (News Media) messages.

These emails were sent to hundreds of Government Offices, Agencies and Activities in the mid-West and Washington D.C. Additionally, Legal Offices of potential competitors and regulators were also targeted.

Note: In all cases, a Legal Notice was included to inform the recipient that the information was about and not to Mr. Sinclair.

Click HERE to Read the Email(s) that formed the ONLY Basis for Mr. Sinclair’s Felony Charges against Lee B. Baker – This is the Email that Got Lee Baker Thrown in Jail.

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