The Baker’s Trip to Africa – Photos and Outreaches

AFRICA TRIP DAY 1 – October 1, 2018 – From: Lee Baker

I Just wanted to send you a few pictures from our trip here and Liberia, Africa so far. We are arrived around midnight Sunday evening, on Monday we spoke at Saint Peters school to a group of college young men and women. They were invigorated learning the differences between Mormonism and Christianity! Most of these young students at this Bible seminary will go on to become pastors! Praising God that we can inform them of the deceptions of Mormonism that they can share generations to come!

AFRICA TRIP DAY 2 – October 2, 2018 – From: Lee Baker

Day 2 (Tuesday) of our trip started off with a newspaper interview which they are going to print in today’s paper (Wednesday). This should bring a lot of attention to why we are here and the deceptions that Mormonism teaches. In the article they are going to print Book of Mormon scripture, 2 Nephi 5:21, about how black skin is a curse! Praise God the word about the deceptions and Mormonism is getting out! The two men who interviewed us were Christians and were very surprised by what we told them.

They titled the interview, “Former LDS Bishop Explains Reasons For visiting Liberia,” and they accurately captured the main points of our visit which was to work with several Christian churches to inform them of the deceptions within Mormonism and to combat the spread of Mormonism within Liberia.

As we explained to nine churches and three biblical schools in Liberia, the core values of the Latter Day Saint Church are not Christian. In order to claim that you are a Christian church you need to follow the basic beliefs of Christianity.

1) The nature and character of God.
2) Salvation is by Grace not Works
3) God’s word endures forever!

We brought a significant collection of official Mormon manuals, documents, scriptures, and policies with us from America to build a current reference Library so that the Christian pastors of Liberia would have the authorized and true doctrine of the Mormon Church that they do not share with the local Mormon people. This library will help the Christian pastors prove the differences in beliefs between Mormonism and biblical Christianity.

In the afternoon, we did a live radio broadcast on Worship 101.7 FM Christian Radio. We had so many calls and text coming in that we could not even get to all of them with in the hour and a half radio broadcast. Many good questions!  After speaking on the radio to these people in Monrovia for the past 8 1/2 years we are excited to finally be able to actually be here in person in Liberia to meet several people who are our regular weekly listeners.

Also at the radio station was a group of people who walked down to listen to the radio program in-person and a couple of them were Mormons. We had a good conversation with them and they said that they will return today (Wednesday) for our conference that is going from 10:00-1:00 at the radio station.

AFRICA TRIP DAY 3 – October 3, 2018 – From: Lee Baker

Praise God that we had between 55 to 60 Africans show up at the radio station this morning at the Worship 101.7 FM Radio Station, in Liberia! We had at least six pastors from different churches, and we are speaking at each of those churches every evening, to bring the Word of God to the African people and to inform them of the differences between Mormonism and Christianity. Today was the first day of the conference and we will continue this three day conference from, 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM, every day at the radio station. Looking forward to seeing many more come on Thursday and Friday!

There was so much excitement when we gave away our Misguided by Mormonism book.

AFRICA TRIP DAYS 4 & 5 – October 4-5, 2018 – From: Lee Baker

We were blessed to have been given a gift from a women at our conference at Worship FM Radio station. An African shirt for Lee and an African dress for Kathy. Showing it off with the wonderful hotel staff, Patricia and George, at the Palm Springs Hotel In Congotown, Liberia.

The Ladies at the front desk were so friendly and made us feel so welcome in Liberia! We will miss them when we leave on Sunday.


We have some time this morning before we leave Liberia and I wanted to share about the condition and spirit of the people here in Liberia and what we experienced on our trip.

Several additional churches have asked to speak with us so the schedule the last few days became quite packed with activities, but in each and every location, we found the Liberian Christians full of compassion and grace for our message and completely overwhelmed with the basic doctrines of Mormonism that are being covered up by the LDS missionaries.

The abject poverty is far worse than we imagined. Most of the churches we have been to share our ministry, were completely full of people, yet they had no running water and electricity was generated in each location by a portable generator as electricity outside of the city is nonexistent.

We have not yet been to a church or a home that has running water.  There are many hand pump wells originally built by the Peace Corps that are the only sources of water for the villages and the townships that we have been to. Even the home attached to the small radio station has no running water and the electricity is provided only by the generator that we purchased two years ago for the station.

The meetings that we have spoken at, have been broadcast live on the air and relayed by other stations to cover the entire country of Liberia.

Because of this initial need that we did not know of, we have given even more support beyond what we raised in funds, just to cover the gas to be purchased to run the generators the extended length of time that we were speaking here.

The popularity of the broadcasts has increased tenfold. Many Mormons have called into the Worship FM station to request documentation of their own LDS Church doctrine and policies that they were not aware of.

Last night at an evangelical church meeting, after our testimony and lesson, a sister of one of the people in the church, informed us that her aunt was told by the Mormons that if she came to our meeting, she would be excommunicated from the Mormon Church and not allowed to go to the temple and worship anymore with the Mormons.

We have visited not only at the seminary but privately with approximately a dozen pastors who have committed to witnessing in love and in truth to the Mormon people in order to bring them to Christ.

Without the actual documentation from the Mormon Church, the vast majority of these good Christian people could not fathom the idea of Mormon doctrine. They would have no idea that Mormonism teaches that man can become God or that God was once a man.  They would have no idea Mormons actually practice baptism for the dead in their temples as the Liberian people actually consider this practice voodoo in their culture.

Several very well educated pastors have told us that this visit will initiate a revival across Liberia to combat the teachings of Mormonism.

We are told that the primary interest of the Liberian people to the Mormon Church is not the doctrine of their Church or their so-called “restored gospel,” but the financial aid and support the Mormon Church provides with housing, clothing, jobs and water.  It is these much needed supplies that the LDS Church provides that is drawing the people into this fateful association with this false church.

It is this element of the Mormon strategy that they find most offensive, using the great financial need of the Liberian people as an avenue to draw them into this church without telling them what they really stand for.

The Christian knowledge of the Word of God in Liberia is incredible. As we read from the Bible, the biblical comparison between Christianity and Mormonism, without fail each time we preached, someone in the congregation would shout out the Scripture reference of exactly where we are reading from.  The Scripture memory these people have shows how much they value the Word of God. They truly know and love the Bible!

Lee B. Baker
Former Mormon Bishop

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