Salvation ~ Come Alive on Hurting to Healing w/Melissa

Join us for part 5 of 5 of what Melissa went through after she left the organization…

1) Did I Really Leave Jehovah?
2) I Left Jehovah & Now I’m Going To Die At Armageddon!
3) Headed Down The Road Unknown…
4.) Wounded
5.) Salvation ~ Come Alive 

“Through the eyes of men it seems there’s so much we have lost… One by one the enemy has whispered lies… God Yours is the victory, we know there is more to come that we may not yet see, so with the faith you’ve given us we’ll step into the valley unafraid!” ~ Lyrcis Come Alive (Dry Bones) by Lauren Daigle

Salvation?  Can I be saved? Can I lose my Salvation? There is only One Salvation!

Salvation ~ Come Alive on Hurting to Healing w/Melissa

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Once Saved, Are We Always Saved?

ONCE SAVED, ARE WE ALWAYS SAVED? —If we are Saved by Grace, do our works keep us saved?

“I have a question about the doctrine of ‘Once Saved Always Saved.’  Several of my friends believe in this teaching, but I have a hard time believing that a person who gets saved and willfully continues to practice sin is still saved.  Do you think that it is possible for a person like this to lose his salvation if he continues in a pattern of sin?”

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Would you allow a false prophet to influence your life?

robDoug and I attended the 185th LDS Annual General Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah at the LDS Temple Square on April 4th and 5th. This was our 17th General Conference sharing the Gospel and Biblical truth to the LDS people and exposing false LDS teachings. As the Gospel goes, it has bad news and good news. The bad news is about us and the good news is about Jesus. Continue reading “Would you allow a false prophet to influence your life?”

JW Questions DVD – Part 8 – Questions and Answers

ONLINE DVD: Part 8  QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS – JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES QUESTIONS: Answering Questions Your Jehovah’s Witness Friends Ask 

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JW Questions DVD – Part 1 – JW Questions Answered

ONLINE DVD: Part 1 – JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES QUESTIONS: Answering Questions Your Jehovah’s Witness Friends Ask 

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Third Generation Jehovah’s Witness SAVED!


Keith speaking at the Witnesses Now for Jesus ConventionEarly this year, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses stumbled upon the website for Witnesses Now For Jesus and contacted the moderator, Bob Gray. He had been raised in his parent’s religion as a third generation Witness. Over the years, he questioned the claims of the Watchtower but continued to read his Bible and pray for truth. When he asked Bob “where to go,” Bob replied that John 6:68 does not say “where” but asks to “whom.” This Witness man asked, “you mean go to Jesus?” Like most of us who come out of the Watchtower, it sounded too simple and Bob assured him that it is that simple.

There were a few calls in between and on January 6 this gentleman told Bob that he’d like to discuss the Deity of Christ but didn’t even know how to pray about it. Bob explained that the Spirit helps us when we do not know how to pray and intercedes for us (Romans 8:26). This searching Witness meditated on the Scripture and on January 8 called Bob to tell him that he’d been crying for two days and announced “I’ve come to Jesus!” Immediately he began to tell his friends and was surprised that they “just don’t get it.” He recognized his need to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and called one day to say “I need a church!” At this time, Bob and him are studying the Bible together over the phone and he’s been put in touch with some Christian ex-JWs in his own area. Continue reading “Third Generation Jehovah’s Witness SAVED!”

God’s Word is Truth! District Convention



Summer time for Jehovah’s Witnesses is District Convention time: Three days of talks and demonstrations designed to strengthen their resolve to remain in “Jehovah’s organization.”

I attended one Saturday of the District Convention in July. The theme of this years convention is “God’s Word is Truth!” and since I am in agreement with that, I made every effort to be as truthful as possible and yet still leave an opening for myself to be able to talk with the attenders. I began by putting my real name on the badge card and introducing myself from my actual town of residence. Let whatever happens, happen. I also chose not to bring a New World Translation (NWT), but an American Standard Version (ASV). Fortunately for me, I have one published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, Inc. copyright 1929 which I found in a thrift store a few years ago. I dressed up like a JW and thought about covering up the bumper sticker on my truck with the “” address, but then I remembered, I’m going IN TRUTH! Let whoever reads it deal with it. Continue reading “God’s Word is Truth! District Convention”

Why Don’t Mormons Follow Jesus’ Teachings?


Jesus taught there would be no marriage in the Kingdom of God:

“And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage: But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:” Luke 20:34-35, Matthew 22:29-32


Jesus never taught we are saved by doing good works:

“Many will say to Me in that day [judgment day], Lord, Lord,…and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.” Matthew 7:21-23

“Then said they unto him, What shall we do, that we might work the works of God? Jesus answered and said unto them, This is the work of God, that ye believe on Him whom He hath sent.” John 6:28-29 see also Ephesians 2:8-9, Titus 3:5-7 Continue reading “Why Don’t Mormons Follow Jesus’ Teachings?”

Who Am I? According to God



Your behavior is motivated by what you believe.  Once you embrace your true identity in Christ by trusting what Jesus did for you and who God says you are your behavior will begin to reflect your new identity.  The following list is taken from “Living Free in Christ” by Neil Anderson. *

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Understanding Grace


UNDERSTANDING GRACE—What is it all about?

What is grace?  We read, discuss, and even sing about it; but do we truly comprehend and apply it in our lives?  Hebrews 12:15 states that one can come “short of the grace of God,” and the result of “coming short” leads to a “root of bitterness” in the heart.  Therefore, it is of utmost importance that we truly understand the depth of God’s grace and learn how to implement it in our lives.

Strong’s Concordance describes the Greek word for “grace” (charis) as: “the divine influence upon the heart, and its reflection in the life.” 1. When writing about his “thorn in the flesh”, the apostle Paul illustrated God’s grace by relating the following experience: Continue reading “Understanding Grace”

“Whosoever Lives and Believes in Me Shall Never Die. Do you believe this?” – A John 11 Testimony

Whoever Lives and Believes in Me shall never die. Do you Believe this?

John 11 “Whosoever Lives and Believes in Me Shall Never Die. Do you believe this?”

JulieLast month while reading the story of Lazarus from John 11, I gained some insights on unanswered prayers and shared them in a post on our Colo Spgs and Worldwide Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Internet Meetup Message Board. A discussion ensued but one of our members ended up giving us such an encouraging testimony within that thread I just had to share it here! This is what she wrote:

Actually, the story of Lazarus has a lot of meaning for me personally.

When I was in the Jehovah’s Witness organization, I was out in the ministry one day and the woman I was with used Jn 11:25 & 26 with a person we were calling on. She got to the part where Jesus said, “Do you believe this?” And asked the person, do you believe this? It was kind of lost on the householder but the words kept going round in my mind. Continue reading ““Whosoever Lives and Believes in Me Shall Never Die. Do you believe this?” – A John 11 Testimony”

Eternal Marriage and Polygamy: Part of the fullness of the gospel?



We’ve been exploring the “top ten questions for Mormons” on our Meetup group for former members of the Latter Day Saints. Since LDS members generally recognize other churches as teaching “some truth” yet claim Mormonism gives people the “fullness of the gospel,” I asked for suggestions on how to respond to that. One member wrote, “ask them about being sealed together for eternal marriage and how this is in direct contrast to Luke 20:34-36.” Continue reading “Eternal Marriage and Polygamy: Part of the fullness of the gospel?”

I Prayed To Receive Jesus. What Now?

Mountain Stream

I PRAYED TO RECEIVE JESUS. WHAT NOW? — Should I Join a Church? How Do I Know God’s Will and Avoid Satan’s Deceptions?

“I said the sample prayer on your website to accept Jesus into my heart and now I am wondering what am I suppose to do?  Does it matter which Christian church I attend (Methodist, Lutheran, Pentecostal, etc.)?  Does it matter if I choose not to attend any and simply read and study the Bible and pray daily without attending any Sunday services?  How do I know if answers to my prayers are coming from God or Satan?  Can Satan imitate feelings of peace? I did not feel any different after saying the suggested sample prayer on your website.  I have received answers to prayers where I have heard an exact answer and then felt a feeling of peace and knew the answer I received. For example, one time I was trying to decide if I should stay where I was living at or move and I just felt very unsettled about the whole thing.  I prayed for days about it and after a few days I heard the words in my mind ‘you should stay,’ and then I felt peace and it was not even a question about whether or not I should stay or leave — I was staying.  So, I do believe in the power of prayer and I do believe in God and in his Son Jesus Christ.  I believe Christ atoned for our sins and I believe God loves us very much.  That much I do know. Everything else I am just really confused about.”

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SALVATION – What is required to have eternal life?


SALVATION – What is required to have eternal life?

Why live any longer in the uncertainty of whether you will be acceptable to God when you die? The Gospel (Good News) message of Jesus Christ is simple because God LOVES you! He LONGS for you and He wants to spend eternity with you! But before you can be clean enough to enter into God’s presence, you must have your sins (impure attitudes, actions and thoughts) dealt with. If you want to be “saved” from the penalty of your sins (unrighteous deeds) so that you can live forever with God, follow these five steps and pray (from your heart) the suggested prayer at the end. Remember, the words are not important. It is your heart that God is listening to: Continue reading “SALVATION – What is required to have eternal life?”

Is the Message the Trinity?



One of the identifying marks of a psuedo-christian group is to deny the Deity of Jesus Christ. Therefore, many who’ve been called to minister to the cults seek to establish the Trinity as a priority topic in their witness to them. I do not.

Though I do believe in the Triune God, I recall that when I first came to faith, the Trinity doctrine was a difficult concept for me. From the letters I receive from others now, I know I was not alone in that. Continue reading “Is the Message the Trinity?”