A Brilliant Scheme?



A Brilliant Scheme?

The Watchtower is a big business and as such they are mindful of protecting their assets. It used to be they could protect their flock from finding anything out by shunning former members or tagging them as demonized or “mentally diseased.”

We know, however, that they must keep tabs on what the “apostates” are saying in an effort to prepare their flock to dispute our claims. But now they have more to deal with than just former members. They can’t hide their past because their own publications are on the Internet. The lawsuits won against them are now a public fact as well.

The potential converts too quickly end their study thanks to these readily available facts and children raised in the Watchtower aren’t staying in their parents religion either. So the Society must turn to the current membership and convince them to stay through their usual mode of operation which is by cranking up the fear. And yet current JWs with doubts bravely forge ahead and take that first step in visiting websites, chat rooms, and find former members available to help them. And most recent ex-JW testimonies include that contacts made through the Internet was a major influence in helping them leave the cult. And so, the Watchtower must keep an eye on the activities of apostates on the Internet. It’s in their best interest as a large corporation losing members to it’s influence. Continue reading “A Brilliant Scheme?”

Is Mormonism a Cult? – A Mormon Responds to our “What is a Cult” Article

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“As a person with over 50 years of loyal experience with the Mormon Church, but has left it in spirit, if not in name, I thought you might be interested in seeing my reaction to your webpage that gives the test on whether your religion is a cult or not. I shared the following with a Mormon email group I’m on:

TITLE: So is it a cult or isn’t it?

Evangelical Christians call Mormonism a cult. Mormons cry foul at the label. So is the Mormon Church a cult or not?

bullets WHAT IS A CULT?

I found this website that clearly believes so (like that’s hard to find). I took their definition of a cult and compared it to the Mormon Church.

First of all, let me go on record as saying that I think most evangelical Christian definitions of a cult are stacked to be sure they can exclude those denominations they don’t like. Yet, the behavior they describe in the definition is for the most part negative behavior, so whether it’s an accurate definition of a cult or not is rather secondary to the fact that any religion that conforms to the behavior described is one to be leery of. Continue reading “Is Mormonism a Cult? – A Mormon Responds to our “What is a Cult” Article”

Our Response to the Gazette Newspaper

OUR RESPONSE TO THE LOCAL COLORADO SPRINGS GAZETTE’S ARTICLE: “Group reaches out to former Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses” and “Witnesses for Jesus Take Bible Literally

On Friday, June 5th, 2009, the Colorado Springs Gazette posted an article about our ministry under the “Life” and “Religion” sections of their online website and printed it in the local paper of Monday, June 8, 2009.

The online article can be read at:

What is a Cult?

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WHAT IS A CULT? – Key Facts You Should Know About Cults and Mind Control

– A concise definition of a “cult,” Dr Robert Lifton’s 8 Criteria of Cultic Mind Control with Questions you can ask to test a group for cultic tendencies

A cult is any group that sets itself up as the supreme authority between God and Man. Cults claim the following:

  1. The Bible is seen as an insufficient guide for spiritual truth. Cult members are told to use the cult’s literature for the proper understanding of God’s truth.
  2. Group leaders are seen as God’s “channel of communication” to man. They equate loyalty to the group as loyalty to God.
  3. They foster a “we/they” mentality to the world, claiming that only inside the group can one find truth and ultimate salvation, and that outside the group is “Satan’s world.”
  4. Doubt and criticism of the group or leaders are disallowed. They often claim that “independent thinking” is evidence of “pride,” and is seen as questioning God and His arrangement for life.
  5. Adherents dispense personal identity for the group mold and take on the personality and characteristics of the totalistic environment of the cult. Continue reading “What is a Cult?”