Misguided by Mormonism

Misguided by Mormonism with Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker teaches Christians how to share their Christian beliefs with Mormons by contrasting the teachings of Mormonism with Biblical Christianity.

MG-09 - By Faith Alone

“Sola Fide” (Sola Fe-day), “By Faith Alone” is one of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith that cannot be found within the Mormon Church. To a Christian, “By Faith Alone” means that you are saved by your belief in the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ Alone, excluding any works of your own for your salvation.

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MG-08 – By Grace Alone

“Sola Gratia” which is Latin for “By Grace Alone,” is one of the Five Solas, or five essential doctrines, of the Historic Christian faith that is completely distorted within Mormonism.

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MG-07-Did Jesus Teach That Men Can Become Gods

In the Mormon Church Gospel Topic Essay on “Becoming like God” they  claim that Jesus taught that humans are in the process of becoming gods when Jesus quoted Psalm 82:6 at John 10:34 saying: “Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?”

As with most Scriptures the Mormon Church quotes to support their blasphemous doctrine of men becoming gods, they fail to consider the context of these statements.

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MG-06 - Does Genesis Teach the Mormon Belief that God's Image is Human?

The Mormon Church claims in their Gospel Topic Essay on “Becoming like God” that this doctrine is taught in the first chapter of Genesis where “God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” (Genesis 1:26-27). But every Mormon needs to consider the irrationality of that argument.

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MG-05 – Is the Book of Mormon Against Mormonism?

Did you know the Book of Mormon which Joseph Smith claimed is the "most correct of any book of earth" and the "keystone" of the Mormon religion does not contain any of the unique doctrines of Mormonism?

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MG-04 - Do Mormons Believe They Can Become Gods?

Do Mormons Believe they can become "Gods" like God, the Father of this Universe?  The Headquarters of the Mormon Church has just issued an Official statement in their "Becoming Like God" Gospel Topic Essay on their church website that describes how you can become a God… with a Big “G”.

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MG-03 - Does Mormonism Teach that God was Once a Man?

Mormons often wonder why anyone would feel the need to question if Mormons are Christian when even the name of their Church reflects their belief in Jesus Christ as members of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." Yet, at its core, Mormonism teaches a different Jesus Christ. To the Mormons, Jesus Christ is our Elder Brother and the Brother of Satan. He is truly and literally the Son of God, but not the God of the Bible.

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MG-02 - Is Black Skin a Curse in the Book of Mormon?

Did you know that the Book of Mormon, that is in print today, and given away free by the Mormon Missionaries, is the most Racist set of Scriptures of any Religion in the World?

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MG-01 - Witnessing to Mormons Using Their Own Church History

Have you ever considered sharing your Christian Faith with a Mormon friend, coworker or neighbor? For the first time in the History of the Mormon Church, authentic and realistic Mormon Doctrine and History are now available to you and the Mormon People on the Gospel Topics' section of the Mormon Church's official website.

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