Former Mormon Bishop Exposes the Mormon Temple Claims in Israel

Recently, Kathy and I were able to travel to Israel to continue our Biblical and archaeological studies.

Lee and Kathy in front of the Western Wall of the Temple Mount in Israel

Through the financial help of a former Mainstream Mormonism Radio supporter, we were able to provide a live Broadcast from Jerusalem that centered on the many differences between the Biblical Temple and the counterfeit Temple of the Mormon Church.

LEE BAKER Discusses His Legal Case, Israel, Temples and Mormonism. A Must See!

In preparation for this unique program, I conducted in-depth interviews of three Senior Orthodox Rabbis, two in Jerusalem and one at the Tomb of Abraham in Hebron. The questions I asked focused on the unique claims of Joseph Smith as it relates to his changing of the Covenant of Circumcision in Genesis 17:11 from “eight days” to “eight years” in his translation of the Bible. We also discussed the differences between the historical Jewish temple and Mormon temples today, noting that not a single aspect of Mormon temples resemble Biblical temples, despite the claims of the Mormon Church that their temples are a “restoration” of the ancient Jewish temple.

Unlike Mormon temples, Jewish temples never allowed anyone except males of the tribe of Levi to perform ceremonies in the temple. Women were never allowed into the temple, nor were marriages ever performed in the Jewish temples.  Jewish temples contained a Lavar, also called the Sea, for ceremonial washing of the High Priest, not for Baptisms for the Dead.  And unlike Mormonism which builds temples throughout the world, God designated only one location for his single temple to be built, on the Temple Mount in the Old City of Jerusalem.  As stated by Jewish Rabbi Elyakir Cevanon,

The doctrine and teachings of the Mormons is ridiculous and offensive to all Jews.”

Lee and Kathy Baker

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Author: Lee Baker

Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker - As a member of the Mormon faith for 32 years, having served honorably in many Leadership positions at the Branch, Ward and Stake level, I forced my own excommunication in 2008 after several painful years of meetings and letters to the highest levels of the Mormon Church concerning questions of doctrine and history.